Yubari Melon soft serves now available at McDonald’s Dessert Kiosk

Oh my Yubari!

McDonald’s Singapore has just launched the new Yubari Melon soft serves and it will be available from 31 Mar 22. Enjoy fruity-flavoured goodness with a sweet melon flavour.


Yubari Melon Cone and Twist Cone

Eenie-meenie-Yubari! Choose between a Yubari Cone full of fruity-flavoured goodness or a Yubari Twist Cone for that perfect balance of sweet melon flavour and creamy vanilla soft-serve!

Allergen information: Milk, soybeans and wheat
Food sensitivities: Gluten and sulphites

Yubari Melon Strawberry Sundae and McFlurry®

It’s gonna get a whole lot fruitier with a luscious strawberry topping in a Yubari Melon Strawberry Sundae or go OG dessert-style with crunchy OREO® sprinkled all over in the Yubari Melon McFlurry®!

Yubari Melon Strawberry Sundae
Allergens: Milk
Food sensitivities: Sulphites

Yubari Melon McFlurry®
Allergens: Milk, soybean and wheat
Food sensitivities: Gluten and sulphites
OREO® Cookies may contain nuts

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