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The Fall Of Carrefour: What Really Happened?

In 2012, French hypermarket chain Carrefour has exited our shores. It pulled out due to not “being competitive enough”. You see, they believed that they could not achieve a leadership position in the medium and long term perspective in the country. Why is this so? Perhaps, they were not able to study our customer culture very well. It is surprising to see the local downfall of a hypermarket chain who runs as the second largest mega-retailer right after Walmart in


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Spin & Sure-Win At Giant Hypermarkets!

The immensely popular Spin & Sure-Win promotion from Giant is finally back- only that it is BIGGER and BETTER this time! For the first time ever, the Spin & Sure-Win promotion will be available at 4 hypermarkets in Singapore. They are located at IMM, Tampines, VivoCity and Parkway Parade. Up to a total of $100,000 are to be won! During the Spin & Sure-Win promotion period, there will be a combination of WOW Deals, Featured Deals and Bulk Deals. 4


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6 Genius Hacks You Can Use At Grocery Stores

Grocery stores, like any other businesses, are looking for ways to make profit. This is why they have used strategies and psychological obstacles to entice customers to put more items in the basket. Combat those strategies by knowing the genius hacks shared by store employees, food experts, and industry analysts. Here are several of them: 1. BE AWARE OF SENSORY STIMULATION Imagine the smell of baked breads mixed with the fresh smell of flowers. Very enticing to the senses, am