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7 Ways To Brighten Someone’s Day Without Spending A Fortune

1. START THE WORK DAY RIGHT. Take your co-worker to a hilarious storytelling session at lunch. Laughter has been proven to relax your muscles, trigger the flow of endorphins (happy hormones), and lessen the flow of your stress hormones. 2. MAKE YOUR SISTER SMILE by giving her a color-therapy infused lipstick. Infuse color therapy by picking suitable colors for each mood. If you want to boost your sister’s energy, choose red or orange but, if you want to keep her



6 Shockingly Free Ways To Be Happier Now

Life is a constant search. Whether it be a special someone, a fulfilling job, or an amazing house…our search often comes with a price. But that need not be. There are more meaning things in life that do not cost a thing. One of it is genuine happiness. Here are 6 Ways to be Happier now (yes! they are all FREE): 1. EXERCISE REGULARLY I cannot stress enough how important regular exercise is to your wellbeing. Studies have shown that