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Important Tips to Select a Lawyer

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If you need to draft a will, a trust, or if you are buying or even selling real estate, getting a divorce, you need to choose the best attorney. Consider the below tips so that you can get the right lawyer to help you out. Find an Honest Lawyer Some attorneys give an initial consultation that is free of charge. Use the meeting to figure out if the attorney is honest. You may be able to guess a person’s character


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4 Highest Paying Jobs That Extroverts Can Excel On

Generally, extroverts have an advantage in the professional scene due to their approachable and outgoing nature. They flow through life in search of interpersonal interactions, leadership opportunities, and new experiences. That said, here are some of the highest paying jobs that extroverts can excel on: 4. FINANCIAL ADVISOR/FINANCIAL CONSULTANT Average of S$48,834 per year Financial Advisors or Financial Consultants (FA) are professionals who guide their clients to manage their money, investment options, and asset relocation. But, they do more than



Making Your Will In Singapore: Are Lawyers Non-Compulsory?

Whether we like it or not, death is inescapable. This is why it is important to prepare a “Will”, especially if you are retiring soon. The essence of making a Will is not only to prepare for the event of death but also to make sure that others understand your parting wishes. In Singapore, the surviving spouse is usually entitled to one half while the other half is divided among the children. But if there is no Will, there are