How to Spend Less on Food

We spend a chunk of our paycheck on food. If you tally up every dollar you spend on food, including groceries, takeout, and dining out, you might be surprised at the total.

No need to feel ashamed!

We all need to eat, and food expenses can really add up, especially when grocery prices hit record highs and continue to rise. To help you reduce those unnecessary expenses in the future, we’ve compiled some of our best money-saving tips.


Taking the time to create a food budget will give you a clear understanding of your actual food expenses and reveal shopping patterns that could lead to potential savings. Your ideal food budget should be tailored to your specific dietary needs and the number of people you’re cooking for, whether that’s a family or just yourself.

To get started, keep track of your grocery spending for a few weeks. Save your receipts, use a budgeting app, or simply jot everything down on an Excel Sheet. Gradually, you’ll gain insights into your spending habits, such as your typical purchases, preferred shopping days, and average spending per trip. This valuable information will enable you to make informed decisions about buying in bulk or opting for more affordable store-brand items over name-brand products.


One effective way to slash your grocery bill is to always have affordable staples on hand for quick and easy meals. Items like legumes, rice, pasta, and beans are low-cost and can prevent you from relying on pricier, less healthy alternatives.

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The beauty of dry goods lies not only in their affordability but also in their longer shelf life. Unlike perishable items, they won’t go bad quickly, allowing you to stock up and plan meals well in advance. This will curb the temptation to buy expensive last-minute options when you know you already have your next few meals covered.


Maximize the potential of your freezer to save money on groceries. Consider doing a freezer clear-out to make room for various frozen food items that can last up to 6 months.

Here are some freezer-friendly ideas to get you started: frozen fish, frozen veggies, frozen fruits, and frozen chicken.

Additionally, many fresh foods freeze well, such as bread, meat, chicken, hard cheeses, milk, and spinach. An excellent tip is to cook a whole frozen chicken or chicken pieces, which is a cost-effective way to enjoy meat.


Another smart approach to cutting down on grocery expenses is to reduce meat consumption. Incorporate at least 1-2 meatless days into your weekly meal plan and explore other protein sources.

Great alternatives to meat include:

– Canned fish
– Eggs
– Lentils
– Chickpeas
– Tofu

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These options are not only budget-friendly but also nutritious and easy to prepare. Embracing various protein sources will add diversity to your meals and bring down your overall grocery costs, especially if meat is a regular part of your shopping list.


When trying to save money, consider growing pricier vegetables, like tomatoes and melons, or cultivating large quantities of regularly consumed veggies. Some cost-effective vegetables to consider are beans, beets, onions, spinach, broccoli, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, and peas.

By incorporating these money-saving strategies into your food shopping routine, you’ll be well on your way to reducing expenses and enjoying more savings in the long run.

Bon appétit and happy savings!

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6 Clever Tricks To Help Singaporeans Spend Less On Groceries

Perfecting your grocery budget can help you make serious contributions to your savings. Best of all? Saving on groceries does not have to mean skipping on delicious meals or depriving yourselves of quality produce. Read the following backs before you complete your grocery shopping trip.


Whether you want to write down your grocery list on a piece of paper or bring a portable list through a mobile app, you can save time and money by sticking to this list. Free apps such as rShopping List (available on Android) and AnyList (available iOS & Android) let you create customizable lists to help you avoid unnecessary purchases. Some of these apps have built-in calculators too! Use this app to help you split the list when shopping with friends or family members.


Believe it or not, study showed that consumers tend to spend 40% more money than usual when the size of their shopping carts were doubled. Simply put, people tend to feel more comfortable with filling up trolleys due to its larger size. Trick yourself to narrow down what you need by carrying a basket instead. It may be easier to push a trolley but carrying a basket can help you spend less time and money in the supermarket. What’s more? You can enjoy a free arm workout.


Supermarkets strategically put their pricier and popular items at the eye-level so you can get tempted easily. Next time you shop, give yourself the opportunity to comprehensively look at the shelves from top to bottom. While you are at the fresh meats section, filter through the displays to spot the reduced-price items. These packaged meats may be on the display for a few days, but they are still good for the same-day cooking.


Since every aspect of the grocery stores are meant to entice you to buy more, you must not buy the first brand you see. Chances are, products in the lower shelves are of the same quality, but they are cheaper. House brands are typically placed there. Moreover, fresh milks that expire next week are usually hidden behind the carton that expires tomorrow. Feel free to look around.


A fresh whole chicken retails for about S$6 at the supermarket, whereas buying separate parts of the chicken can cost twice that amount. So, do not be afraid to cut the whole chicken by yourself. There are useful and free tutorials on YouTube. All you need is a sharp knife!


Whether you are living with your kids or by yourself, groceries can cause a huge dent to your wallet. Since they are essentials, you cannot exactly cut down so much on the costs. However, you can still get cash rebates.

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If you have a grocery credit card, you can earn cash back rebates whenever you shop.  While some cards can help you save money on Giant, others can increase your savings at NTUC FairPrice or Sheng Siong. Get the best grocery credit card that suits your needs and your grocery preferences to save up to 8%!

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4 Wet Markets Offering Fresh and Affordable Groceries In Singapore

Just like the shopping centres and community parks, wet markets have been the glue that binds our communities together. Get the freshest and cheapest ingredients when you head down these wet markets early in the morning!

*Please note that the regulations in these wet markets are subject to changes to follow the COVID-19 restrictions. It goes without saying that your safety remains a top priority.


The Chinatown Wet Market is one of the unique wet markets in Singapore as it stores exotic meats such as live frogs, eels, and turtles. It is situated in the iconic Chinatown Complex building. This market offers both the eccentric and familiar ingredients for your special recipes. After shopping, you can head upstairs to explore the meals sold by the food vendors. These vendors sell old-school Singaporean food like popiah, dumplings, and lor mee.

Location: Chinatown Complex, 335 Smith St., 050335


Tekka Centre is the largest wet market in Singapore with 284 stalls. Its wide space is home to fresh produce and dry goods for all kinds of needs. This market is haven for both food enthusiasts and fashion lovers. Nestled in the heart of Little India, the Tekka centre is a melting pot of diversity. Greet the vendors and ask for quality seafood. The centre is known for its famous Sri Lankan crabs!

Location: 665 Buffalo Rd., 210665

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The Chong Pang Market + Food Centre has captivated both the nearby patrons and the distant customers for several years. This wet market serves quality meats and produce as early as 5 AM. Apart from shopping, you may visit this place to get a satisfying digestive experience. The dozens of food stalls serve hungry residents until late at night. Try the famous Chong Pang Nasi Lemak while you are there.

Location: 105 Yishun Ring Rd., 760105


Part of the newly renovated premises at the Admiralty Place Neighbourhood Centre, the Admiralty Wet Market offers fresh ingredients for your daily meals. It is a short walk away from the Admiralty MRT Station. Its newly renovated premises features improved ventilation and lighting as well as a more efficient layout to enhance your shopping experience.

Location: Block 678A Woodlands Ave. 6, 731678

Singapore’s wet market is one of the best places for bargain hunters. What are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and have an interesting experience with these four wet markets.

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Spin & Sure-Win At Giant Hypermarkets!

The immensely popular Spin & Sure-Win promotion from Giant is finally back- only that it is BIGGER and BETTER this time! For the first time ever, the Spin & Sure-Win promotion will be available at 4 hypermarkets in Singapore. They are located at IMM, Tampines, VivoCity and Parkway Parade. Up to a total of $100,000 are to be won!

During the Spin & Sure-Win promotion period, there will be a combination of WOW Deals, Featured Deals and Bulk Deals. 4 WOW Deals each at $9.90 promises incredible savings that will blow your mind away:

  • 10 pieces of Australia Navel Oranges (usual price $16.50)
  • A bottle of 5L of Sunny Meadow Pure Sunflower Oil (usual price $15.95)
  • A bottle of Hardy’s VR Wine Moscato (usual price $19.90)
  • A bamboo charcoal memory foam pillow (usual price $49)

Giant has also curated a mix of 15 products to cater to different types of shoppers.

Finally, buy in bulk and save more! Toast your way to more savings with 4 cartons of Stella Artois Canned Beer for only $65.90 (usual price $91.20) Or pay $4.25 for 2 bags of red onions or Holland potatoes. With so many different combinations of deals available, every type of shopper can look forward to savings galore during the promotion period. But that’s not all!

Every $80 spend* entitles you to 1 chance at the Spin & Sure-Win wheel. Prizes up to a total amount of $100,000 are available during the promotion period!

The deals change every month so make sure you attend all promotion periods to maximise your savings. Hurry now as prizes and vouchers are available while stock lasts!

Learn more about Giant’s fantastic Spin & Sure-Win promotion here.

*Exclusions: Tobacco, cigarettes, newspapers, magazines, infant milk powder, phone cards, gift vouchers, lottery and purchase from concessionaires


Best Credit Cards For Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping can be costly at times especially because businesses are becoming more competitive in their prices. And if you were to use a credit card, be sure to indulge on all of its rewards by paying the bill in full each cycle. That said, here are the 5 Best Credit Cards For Your Grocery Shopping in Singapore…

Minimum Annual Income (Singaporean/PR/Foreigner): S$30,000


Do you want a card that allows rebates on your daily spending – all year round? Well then, say hello to the OCBC 365. It has rebates from grocery shopping, telecom bills, petrol, and dining. Waived for 2 years, the annual fee is S$161. Get 3% off on supermarkets islandwide, on recurring telecom bills (e.g., SingTel, StarHub, and M1), dining on weekdays, and on all your online spending (e.g., travel, movie tickets, and fashion).


Minimum Annual Income (Singaporean/PR/Foreigner): S$80,000

ANZ Optimum World is an all around card with a touch of personalization. It gives you the decision to select your preferred category for a calendar quarter wherein you can earn 5% cash back and 1% cash back on all other spending. You can choose to have grocery, dining & leisure, travel, and shopping as your category. The best things is that there is no minimum spend and no limit on your total accumulated rebate! The annual fee is S$180, waived for a year.


Minimum Annual Income (Singaporean/PR): S$30,000


As the name implies, Citibank SMRT Platinum Visa will give you good savings for your public transportation. Surprisingly, it is also good for grocery shopping. Get up to 7% savings on Fairprice, Sheng Siong, and Giant. Just pay an annual fee of S$161, waived for 2 years.


Minimum Annual Income (Singaporean/PR): S$30,000


NTUC Plus! Visa will give you a whopping 10% off from all the items at FairPrice and FairPrice Online. What’s more? You can save up to 5% off at Unity, 3% off at Popular bookstore or Bata shoes, and 18% off at Esso fuel stations. All you have to do is pay an annual fee of only S$39 – waived for 2 years!


Minimum Annual Income (Singaporean/PR): S$30,000


Does 10% rebate at groceries and pharmacies sound tempting? Then, UOB Delight Card is perfect for you. Enjoy up to 10% off at Cold Storage, Jason’s, Giant, Market Place, and Guardian. To qualify for this, you must have a minimum spend of S$100 a month and pay an annual fee of S$87. Buying in bulk? Get a free home delivery at selected Giant Hyper with minimum S$150 in a single receipt.