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6 Clever Tricks To Help Singaporeans Spend Less On Groceries

Perfecting your grocery budget can help you make serious contributions to your savings. Best of all? Saving on groceries does not have to mean skipping on delicious meals or depriving yourselves of quality produce. Read the following backs before you complete your grocery shopping trip. #1: BRING A SHOPPING LIST Whether you want to write down your grocery list on a piece of paper or bring a portable list through a mobile app, you can save time and money by



4 Wet Markets Offering Fresh and Affordable Groceries In Singapore

Just like the shopping centres and community parks, wet markets have been the glue that binds our communities together. Get the freshest and cheapest ingredients when you head down these wet markets early in the morning! *Please note that the regulations in these wet markets are subject to changes to follow the COVID-19 restrictions. It goes without saying that your safety remains a top priority. #1: CHINATOWN WET MARKET The Chinatown Wet Market is one of the unique wet markets


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Spin & Sure-Win At Giant Hypermarkets!

The immensely popular Spin & Sure-Win promotion from Giant is finally back- only that it is BIGGER and BETTER this time! For the first time ever, the Spin & Sure-Win promotion will be available at 4 hypermarkets in Singapore. They are located at IMM, Tampines, VivoCity and Parkway Parade. Up to a total of $100,000 are to be won! During the Spin & Sure-Win promotion period, there will be a combination of WOW Deals, Featured Deals and Bulk Deals. 4


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Best Credit Cards For Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping can be costly at times especially because businesses are becoming more competitive in their prices. And if you were to use a credit card, be sure to indulge on all of its rewards by paying the bill in full each cycle. That said, here are the 5 Best Credit Cards For Your Grocery Shopping in Singapore… 5. OCBC 365 CREDIT CARD Minimum Annual Income (Singaporean/PR/Foreigner): S$30,000 Do you want a card that allows rebates on your daily spending



4 Saving Tweaks You Must Do To Boost Positive Financial Changes

1. CHANGE YOUR PERSONAL SAVING PATTERNS Before anything else, reevaluate your saving objectives. Ask yourself why you want to save and what are your priorities. This is to ensure that you know which path to take to reach your financial goals. Then, review your income and expenses and create an allocation plan. Move the excess funds you uncover to your bank account (preferably with the highest interest rate) to help facilitate discipline against impulsive spending. 2. SAVE ON YOUR VACATION