How Some Singaporeans Welcomed The Prosperous Li Chun

Last February 4, waves of people conquered queues at the banks and the cash deposit machines across the nation. Why? You may promptly ask. It is because practices of Li Chun (Farmer’s Day) fall on that day. Li Chun traditionally signifies the beginning of Spring in numerous Asian cultures including Singapore. On this day, farmers celebrate with special events, offerings, and rituals to welcome a successful and blissful new year. While in recent years, some Singaporeans believed that banking in


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How Much “Ang Bao” Money Shall You Give This Chinese New Year?

The festivity of the Chinese New Year is about a month away. Abundant food, family reunions, and little red packets called “Ang Bao” will grace Singapore once again. These red packets are usually given during social gatherings such as weddings or the holidays. Its color embodies “good luck” that is supposed to ward off the evil spirits. Married couples usually give these red packets to single people (e.g. children or work colleagues). Its history is rooted from the Chinese belief