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Experience The Natural Wonders Of These 4 Local Farms

“Just being surrounded by bountiful nature, rejuvenates and inspires us.“ – E.O. Wilson Nature heals. Research showed that environments can increase or reduce our stress. What you are seeing, hearing, and feeling at any moment changes your physical and emotional well-being. If you feel suffocated within the walls of your home, try visiting farms in Singapore. From vegetable farms to animal farms, we have you covered! #1: HAY DIARIES Since its inception in 1988, Hay Diaries has been the only


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Coolest Places For Friendly Hangouts In Singapore

Are you looking forward to spend quality time with your childhood friends or co-workers? With a budget of S$25 or less, here are some places that you may enjoy. FOR THE FOOD ENTHUSIAST Nothing beats a simple gathering that ignites your love for food. Taste the various flavors that Singapore hawker centres offer by hopping into different stalls. Catch up with your beloved friends while you dine at the best yet affordable eateries. Five of the most famous hawker centres