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7 Life Lessons From Alibaba’s Jack Ma

YOUR HUMBLE BEGINNINGS WILL SHAPE YOU On September 10, 1964, Ma Yun or Jack Ma was born. He originated from Hangzhou, southeastern China. He had two other siblings and was not born into a wealthy family. In fact, they did not have much money growing up. Things began to change when President Nixon visited Hangzhou in 1972. Ma’s hometown became a tourist destination. He took advantage of that. As a teenager, Ma offered tours of the city in exchange for



Alibaba’s Sales Soared High Months After Singapore Bought A Billion In Stocks

My uncle is a proud owner of several holistic spas. Whether his branches are in need of a new machine (e.g., IPL or Laser Hair Removal Machine), he visits Alibaba first. Alibaba is a global marketplace that is relatively prompt and reliable. It is reigns supreme in the world of Chinese e-commerce. Its broad prevalence in Asia is comparable to United States’ Amazon or eBay. It comes as no surprise that its sales soared up to 55% in the last