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Here’s where to bag home the best range of cocktails online

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Welcome to a new month! As we enter the first week of November, COVID-19 restrictions under Singapore’s Stabilisation Phase are still in place until 21 November. This also means that the majority of us are still working from home and social gatherings are capped to a maximum of two persons. Since no one knows how COVID-19 can surprise us, it would take a while for us to gather in groups again. Not sure when you can have your in-person alcohol


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Organic Beer, Is It A Thing?

The 90s gave birth to iconic trends such as tattoo chokers and cropped tops. Along with these trends was the invention of the organic beer. In America, two breweries reign supreme when it comes to organic beer. These two where Lakefront Brewing Co. in Milwaukee and Eel River Brewing Co. in Northern California. Now there are a handful of brands to choose from. It is easy to call something “organic”, but what does it mean exactly? A beer can put