Shake Shake In A Tub offering 1-FOR-1 Fries and Popcorn Chicken at The Star Vista from 9 – 11 Jan 23

Calling all Westies – Shake Shake In A Tub is opening at The Star Vista (#B1-37D) on 9th Jan and things are about to get crisp!

Look out for their 1-for-1 opening promo on their much loved Fries and Popcorn Chicken.

Simply flash to show that you are following @shakeshakeinatub on Instagram upon ordering to redeem!

Shake Shake In A Tub Opening Promo Details*

9 & 10 Jan 2023:        1-for-1 Medium Fries (UP: $4.70 each, Buttercorn or Sour Cream & Onion flavours only)
11 Jan 2023:              1-for-1 Medium Popcorn Chicken (UP: $7.80 each, Buttercorn or Truffle flavours only)
*Limited to 2 orders per customer.

Address:  The Star Vista (#B1-37D)