Planning for retirement

Planning for retirement

To most people, early retirement would probably be at the age of 55. That’s when you bid goodbye to your tie, suit and briefcase and donned your polo tee and go golfing. You will travel around the world not once in a year but once every few months. That’s the dream retirement for many. Let’s take Tom, a 24 years old who has just graduated from his university. He found a job that pays him an average of $3,600 a



Best bank accounts in Singapore

Best Bank Account in Singapore

Hey folks, it’s time to wake your money up! If you have come to this page looking for the best bank accounts in Singapore that offers the highest interest rate, look no further. In a low interest rate environment, everyone should aim to put their savings where their money works the hardest. No doubt it cannot beat inflation, but beside being risk-free, it beats putting your money in a biscuit tin or an account that offers a paltry 0.01%. There are


Tax & Estate Planning

Do i need a will to plan my estate?

Do i need a will?

Benjamin Franklin once said nothing in life is certain but only two things are: death and taxes. In the unlikely event of your death, have you made sufficient planning so that your last wish could be fulfilled? Dying without a will, also known as intestacy, could give your family and loved ones a hard and frustrating time to sort out what you left behind. (I hope you left assets and not debts) Therefore it is crucial to make sure that


Travel & Entertainment

Your Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Europe Trip

Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Europe Trip

In our earliest post on How to travel Europe on a shoestring budget, we talk about how you can travel to Europe without breaking the bank. Careful planning is essential and that is what this article is going to focus on. Step 1: Prepare the things you need Things you need: 1. Map of Europe (Google map will do fine) 2. Notebook & writing materials 3. Internet and/or travel guides 4. Credit card (For making online booking) 5. Travel Companion(s)


Transport & Motoring

Drivers, 12 Fuel Saving Tips You Need to Know

Drivers, 12 Tips to save on your fuel

If you have been driving for the past couple of decades, you would have noticed that fuel price has increased by 100% since 1991. It used to cost around a dollar for a litre of 95 Octane and now it has creep to $2.20 a litre in 2014. With increasing population, expect the road to be more congested and that’s when you see more ERP gantries, astronomical COE price and increased excise duty on fuel. Here are 12 fuel saving