Money Management Tips Embraced by Gen Z

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Meet Generation Z, the younger siblings of millennials, born between 1995 and the late 2000s!

Despite growing up in the aftermath of the 2008 recession and facing an uncertain job market, Gen Z has developed some impressive financial habits that everyone can learn from.


Gen Z understands the significance of making thoughtful decisions, especially when it comes to spending on non-essential items. Having experienced the impact of the 2008 recession, they’ve earned the reputation of being the most fiscally conservative generation in years. This frugal nature allows them to manage their funds wisely, focusing on essential expenses and saving for the future.

I had a conversation with my younger Gen Z cousin about money, and She shared how the recession taught her the value of choices. Her family had to cut back on certain luxuries, which taught her to prioritize his spending and save for rainy days.


Unlike their parents’ generation (Gen X), Gen Z doesn’t base their choices on recognizable logos and brand loyalty. Having grown up in the tech age, they value efficiency and usefulness over trendy branding.

A Gen Z friend once shared a funny incident where they refused to buy expensive shoes just because they had a famous logo. Is logomania really over?


Gen Zers must organize money into different categories or “buckets” to track spending effectively. This could involve setting up separate bank accounts for different financial goals or physically allocating cash into envelopes labeled for specific expenses.

For example, dividing income into necessities and discretionary spending helps maintain financial discipline. Creating buckets for short-term and long-term goals, as well as savings and investments, aids in focused financial planning.


Many seek financial guidance through platforms like TikTok and Instagram. While social media can offer useful tips, it’s essential to recognize its limitations and supplement it with further research.

One of my Gen Z acquaintances confessed how she used to believe everything she saw on financial TikTok without question. After making some hasty financial decisions, she learned the importance of cross-referencing information from reputable sources, like financial websites and expert advice columns.

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In conclusion, Gen Z has demonstrated remarkable financial acumen by embracing mindful spending, prioritizing utility over branding, adopting the bucket strategy, and using social media as a stepping stone for financial knowledge. Their approach serves as a valuable lesson for all generations to manage money wisely and secure a stable financial future.

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