McDonald’s to unveil new set of miniature pretend-play Happy Meal toys from 30 Nov 23

Get ready to don those aprons and embrace your inner fast-food maestro as McDonald’s unveils an exciting new collection of toys designed to spark imagination and creativity in the hearts of young patrons.

Starting November 30th at 11am, with every Happy Meal® purchase, customers can get their hands on these delightful miniature replicas, perfect for those keen on immersing themselves in the world of make-believe McDonald’s.

This latest offering features eight adorable miniatures, each mirroring an essential element of the bustling fast-food environment.

  1. Cash Register
  2. Crew Cap & Badge Set
  3. Patty Grill Machine
  4. Drive Thru Order Microphone
  5. Sauce Dispenser Burger Set
  6. Prepare Corn
  7. Cheese Burger Happy Meal
  8. Drinks Machine

McDonald’s Thailand has launched this collection earlier this month:

Images via McDonald’s Thailand.

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