McDonald’s launches new Creamy Mushroom Double Cheeseburger, Nori Shoyu Shaka Shaka Chicken McBites, & more from 4 Apr 24

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Calling all burger enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for a burst of flavors from McDonald’s. Starting April 4th, for a limited period, indulge in the delectable Creamy Mushroom Double Cheeseburger, promising a savory twist with its creamy goodness.

Get ready to savor the Creamy Mushroom Double Cheeseburger and Creamy Mushroom Triple Cheeseburger, starting from $7.90 and $9.90 respectively for an Extra Value Meal. This new addition features two succulent 100% beef patties smothered in creamy mayo sauce, grilled mushrooms, melted cheese, and caramelized onions, all nestled between toasted buns. Each bite is a harmonious blend of umami-rich mushrooms, savory beef, and gooey cheese, leaving you craving more. Looking for an extra indulgence? Opt for the Creamy Mushroom Triple Cheeseburger for an extra decadent experience.

Revitalize your meal with exciting sides and delightful treats like Nori Shoyu Shaka Shaka Chicken McBites® starting from $3.90 and Potato Wedges starting from $4.70. Elevate your snack game with the NEW Nori Shoyu Shaka Shaka Chicken McBites® (9pc) or relish the return of the warm and crispy Potato Wedges, perfect with their signature sauces or on their own.

End your meal on a sweet note with an irresistible offerings: Taro Custard Pie starting from $1.80, Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream starting from $1.20, and Double Chocolate Frappé starting from $5.20. Indulge in the NEW Taro Custard Pie, a flaky crust filled with velvety taro custard. Dive into the vibrant and sweet swirls of the Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream, available in cone, McFlurry®, or Hot Fudge Sundae variations. For chocolate lovers, sip on the velvety goodness of the Double Chocolate Frappé.

These items are available after Breakfast hours (except for the Double Chocolate Frappé, which is also available during Breakfast hours) for dine-in or takeaway at all McDonald’s restaurants, Drive-Thrus, and through McDelivery®, GrabFood, and Foodpanda for a limited time only, subject to availability.

(Credit: McDonald’s Singapore).

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