KFC S’pore launches Currycano Zinger — a ‘Curry-Volcano’ Zinger where you can pour a tub of KFC Curry onto a sandwiched hashbrown cup

Try the new Currycano Zinger Burger

Want something spicy, savoury and comforting? Try the NEW KFC Currycano Zinger! A piece of Hot & Spicy Zinger fillet, sliced cheese, and a unique crispy hash-cup all sandwiched together between soft oat bran buns; served with a tub of KFC Curry Sauce on the side.

The best way to indulge? Simple: Pour the curry sauce and let it overflow like an erupted volcano! The hash-cup has a concave surface that accumulates all the delicious curry sauce, adjust the amount of sauce to one’s liking. Enjoy the taste of spicy, savoury goodness in every bite. Enough curry is never enough – KFC Currycano Zinger will keep you coming back for more!

KFC Currycano Zinger

Signature Zinger fillet, sambal, and a hash cup sandwiched between two soft oat bran buns. Lift the bun and pour in the special KFC curry sauce. Spicy, savoury, and comforting – what’s not to like?

Allergens and Food Sensitives Information: Wheat, Shellfish, Milk, Egg, Soy, Gluten, MSG

Terms & Conditions

Limited time offer. While stocks last. KFC Currycano Zinger is not available at KFC Singapore Zoo. Meal bundles and pricing differ at selected KFC restaurants and KFC Delivery. Visuals are for illustration only.


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