Ippudo ramen-flavoured potato chips now available at FairPrice Finest

You can now snack on your favourite ramen

Famous ramen chain, IPPUDO, launched the ramen-flavoured potato chips across Japan last year. It has now made its way to Singapore and fans can grab a bag of the chips at selected FairPrice Finest outlets.

It is selling at $3.20 per pack (48g).

It is said to taste like their signature Shiromaru ramen which contains flavours from their creamy tonkotsu broth.

When we did a taste test, it comes out as garlicky with a subtle creamy flavour. Texture wise, it is thin and crispy.

It actually tastes not bad as we easily finish a packet at one go.

If you are a tonkotsu-ramen lover, this should be on your must-try list.

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