Financial Benefits Of Having A Second Job

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For the longest time, moonlighting was seen as a means to take on extra work in order to supplement one’s full-time employment. It was exclusively for underpaid employees or those who are severely strapped for cash. Nowadays, moonlighting and having a second job are seen as acceptable means to expand one’s income without the weight of stereotypes.

Having a second job does not only expand your wallet, but also maximize your skills and talents. Many employers are open to the idea of giving their employees the freedom and flexibility to take on other jobs to keep up with the rising cost of living. To illustrate, combining your full-time job with a 20-hour per week sideline can pull in a greater income. You may also combine two part-time positions to get an income that will equate to a full-time position while working for less hours per week.

That is just the beginning. The following are other benefits of having a second job.


Four years ago, I juggled my work as an enrichment teacher and as a freelance writer. As a teacher, I needed to travel three to four times per week around Singapore. While, my job as a freelance writer brought me to the comforts of my own home.

If your second job is either at a home office or at a place near you, you will be able to save more money on transportation costs. This situational advantage can help you shave dollars on monthly petrol consumption or EZ-Link top-up.


We cannot fully guarantee that the economy will stay the same in a few years time. Say you lost your job. If you are running out of full-time job options, you may try your luck in several part-time employment positions that can eventually turn into a coveted full-time slot. After all, it is more cost-efficient for an employer to hire individuals who are already trained than to hire individuals who are unfamiliar with the field.

When given the chance to partake in a team as a part-timer, show how eager you are to know the tricks of the trade. Volunteer your time and exhaust your energy as much as possible. Do not waste the opportunities given to you.


Freedom – is easier said than acquired. Experts say that people who have second jobs or second careers have a higher sense of freedom such as the feeling of not being shackled to one company. Furthermore, practicing in a different field gives you a financial cushion in case the economy becomes sour towards your other career.

Having a second job gives you more freedom to pursue other activities that will showcase your skills. If you are thinking of switching careers and want to minimize the risk, take on a part-time position that will enable you to test the waters. For those people who lack prerequisites or academic credentials to pursue their dream job, a part-time position may serve as a stepping stone that provides free training and meaningful experiences. While, others may use part-time positions as a means to climb the ladder within an existing field. For instance, a teacher may obtain an entry-level part-time work in order to finance his graduate studies. Further education will land him a more lucrative job in the field.

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It is up to you to find ways to maximize your income and make the most out of your second job.

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