Enjoy 50% off admission to Singapore Zoo and River Wonders if you are a local resident from 8 – 15 March 2023

50% off admission to Singapore Zoo and River Wonders

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Singapore Zoo

Located on the north-western side of the island, the Singapore Zoo is a haven for wondrous wildlife and a must-visit for animal lovers. This beloved establishment first opened its gates to the public in 1973, and has since become one of the best rainforest zoos in the world.

Besides being home to over 2,800 animals from 300 species—including crocodiles, Malayan tapirs and white tigers—the zoo has won a trove of international and local awards. Set in a rainforest environment, Singapore Zoo’s world-famous “Open Concept” offers the opportunity to experience and be inspired by the wonders of nature.

River Wonders

Asia’s first and only river-themed wildlife park, occupying 12 hectares the park is home to 400 plant species and over 7,500 aquatic and terrestrial animals representing close to 240 species, including one of the world’s largest collections of freshwater animals. Meander through the park on an exploratory river adventure of the Mississippi, Congo, Nile, Ganges, Mekong and Yangtze rivers, peering into our freshwater aquariums and luscious walk-through exhibits.