Technical Analysis – The answer to “When to buy?”

Why Should I Consider Technical Analysis?

For questions like “What to buy?” requires fundamental analysis. But when someone asks, “When to buy?” This is when technical analysis comes into play. Technical analysis is the other approach of investing. When you talk about technical analysis, you’re looking at things like charts, chart patterns, technical indicators, etc. It gives you a visual information about how the stock price moves for the minute, the hour, the day, week and even month! This information is useful because it can give you a better sense of how the stock is doing right at the moment. Fundamental analysts usually have to deal with information that isn’t updated because company reports would only come out quarterly, or even annually! Many things happen in between the quarters but you could possibly be trading based on the previous quarter’s results which may no longer be relevant.

Pure technical analysts are not interested in the research of a company’s fundamentals because the way a stock price moves would have indicated how much everyone thinks the stock is generally worth. When an undervalued stock moves because it was uncovered by a fundamental analyst, it wouldn’t be missed by technical analyst who watch price-volume action of a share price. As long as a stock moves, the technical analysts will be there watching it as well! Price movements can give a technical analyst a lot of information such as breakouts, psychology of the market players, trend, reversal patterns, etc. These days, there are a lot of people relying on charts when buying a stock. You would only be putting yourself in a disadvantaged position if you choose not to avail yourself to the same information they are receiving. With more and more speculators in the market, fundamentals might be ignored for short moments and only technical analysis can help you for the moment to be profitable.

Here’s an example:

chart (14)

A pure fundamental analyst would not know where the support or the resistance is. He would know what the company should be valued at but he may not know when is the best time to enter. For example, NOL is down-trending from $2.30. A fundamental analyst values it at $1.50 based on Price-Book ratio, P/E ratio, or other metrics available to him. When NOL sells down to $1.50, the fundamental analyst would make the purchase because he thinks that is what it is worth. However, from a technical analyst point of view, he would wait to see if $1.50 is supported or not. If the price is not supported, he waits for the share price to continue falling and test the next support level at $1. When share price eventually gets to $1 and shows that it is supported with a high volume, the technical analyst buys it.

At the end of the day, both analysts got NOL, but the technical analyst got a better price because he knows that from past price movements that $1 is a strong psychological support and buys it at a support instead of simply buying it because he thinks that is what it is worth. Past price actions can give you a hint about the future price movement because of many reasons, largely psychological support and resistance levels. The fact is that many people are relying on such information, and if you aren’t, you will lose out and the market will not make sense to you. Having a visual image of how the stock market is going will be very much easier for you to find support levels such as in the case above.


Of course, this is not to say that technical analysis is 100% accurate and gives you pin-point accuracy. What it can provide you is more information that opens up your eyes to more opportunities for buying entries. There is always a time an investor will face where he says “I’m waiting for the right time to enter”. It could be a fundamentally sound company but simply trading too expensively and this is when technical analysis will tell you when the right time is. Or rather, give you a hint of when the right time is. Of course, hindsight is 20/20 and the chart above could have gone in a totally different direction and crashed through $1 rather than stay supported on 2 more counts on Nov 2011 and May 2012. I used an old chart for the purpose of effectively sending my point across rather than try to teach based on current prices where even I don’t know where the future is. No one can predict how the future price will move, they can only get a vague idea of it. By effectively utilising both fundamental and technical analysis, you would put yourself in a profitable position where the odds of a profitable trade is higher.

Important Disclaimer

The above chart is for teaching purposes only and is not a recommendation to buy/sell.


Use Envelope Budgeting To Manage Your Money In Just 3 Simple Steps

According to, envelope budgeting or envelope system is a popular way of maintaining a budget. It starts by storing the cash into separate categories of household expenses that are allocated in separate envelopes.


One of the first steps that you have to take is to analyze your spending patterns, variable expenses and fixed expenses (i.e., monthly electric bills).

Fixed expenses remain the same every month (e.g. Hand Phone Plan, or HDB Rent). Variable expenses include food, entertainment, clothing, and other expenses that may change every month or year. The challenge now is for you to choose on which expenses you can reduce.


Recording all your expenses, no matter how big or small they may be, can help you plan your budget wisely. Categorize your expenses 7 or more sections such as Rent, Utilities, Electricity, Groceries, Gas, Entertainment, Savings, Loan, Childcare, Tax, Travel, etc.

For example if you are Fresh graduate living in your parents’ house and you earn S$1600 a month. Allocate your money with the fixed expenses first.
Rent- S$700

Utilities- S$150

Electricity- S$80

Student loan- S$100

Fixed Expenses Total: S$ 1,080

Then your variable expenses…

Savings- S$170 (transfer it to your bank account)

Groceries- S$100

Travel- S$100


Emergency- S$50

Variable Expenses Total: S$520


Image Credits:

Image Credits:

Use your marker to assign each category to each envelope. Use whatever size is best for you. It shall be able to fit easily in your purse or wallet. Follow the budget plan and allocate your money accurately. Spend only from the designated envelope and stop spending once you’ve emptied it. This practice of discipline will help you save a great deal of money.

Watch this simple video tutorial of the envelope budgeting or envelope system by NCNBlog:


How A Couple Paid S$36K Worth of Debt In Just 6 Months

A couple from America has consciously decided to look into their expenses and pay off their US$27, 000 (S$36, 474) worth of debt in just 6 months.

Jackie or better known in social media as The Paleo Mama and her husband sat down to discuss their finances since they were supposed to buy a house. If they are going to pursue in buying the house, they will get themselves wrapped up even more in debt.

They found out that they had US$50, 000 (S$67, 546) worth of debt due to accumulated education/student loan and the worth of their new car. They did not realize that they were supposed to pay student loan quickly as its interest and value pile up in time. So, they were determined to turn things around.

Here are the 6 things they did to cut down their expenses and earn more income:


First, it is important to track where your money is going through the last month’s bank statements and receipts. The couple noticed that they are spending too much on groceries and eating out.

Image Credits: Jason Rogers via Flickr

Image Credits: Jason Rogers via Flickr

With these things in mind, they devised a plan to categorize each expense and allocate specific amount of money on to it.


They switched to prepaid phones and got rid of their iPhones. This brought them from US$160 cost of mobile phone plan to US$60 cost of prepaid phone per month.


They started using Netfilx and Hulu to stream shows (the first month is Free) rather than subscribing to cable TV. Also, they managed their electricity by turning off the lights and controlling the temperature of the air conditioner.


In order to earn more money on the side, Jackie learned how to make essential oils and sell them online. They also stopped buying over-the-counter medication and cleaning products and started using essential oils instead.


They sold their old car (now they have one family car), furniture, clothes, toys, and so on. Furthermore, they only buy used clothes on Goodwill or the local thrift stores. This helped them earn a lot of money.


They called various companies to tell them that they can’t afford the various plans anymore. The customer services helped them to reduce the payments by more than 75%.

As you can see, Jackie and her husband were able to pay off over half of their debt by budgeting wisely and selling their stuff. Fortunately, you can also use these strategies yourself!


Sberbank Offers A Free Cat For Every Mortgage

How do you increase the likelihood of repeating a behavior? Well, Psychology and Operant Conditioning suggests that you must reward them. Something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change one’s behavior. Luckily, one Russian bank got the memo.

To make their clients feel interested and entertained, one of the largest Russian Bank called Sberbank offers a free cat with every client mortgage loan. It is also believed to boost the mortgage sales.

The bank’s special website will welcome you with a cat selector among 10 breeds including Siamese, tabbies, and an exotic hairless cat. A spokeswoman for the bank named Anastasia Vakhlamova told Bloomberg Businessweek that the Sberbank employees who kindly agreed to participate in the special project own some of the cats.

Some of the cats that you may loan are Lolly, Toffee, and Apricot—their names are as adorable as they look. Photos, description of the felines’ personalities and a video that shows how happy the first clients were when they received their cats are available on the web.

Image Credits: naql via Flickr

Image Credits: naql via Flickr

In fact, the heartwarming video has gotten over a million views. Check it out…

The good news is that the cat will be delivered to you in time for your housewarming party. Clients can take photos photos and play with the cat and generally have fun cat-related times. But, do not be too attached with it.

The only downside is that you cannot keep the feline for life. The terms that are laid out in an eight-page disclaimer on the bank’s microsite offer about two hours of interaction.

Although, the given time is enough as the cat is culturally believed to transmit good luck especially to the couples who are moving in to a new house. As the campaign promotion goes, “Order a cat for your housewarming, and bring happiness and luck to your home”.


An 86-Year-Old Woman Spends $164,000 A Year To Retire In A Luxury Cruise Ship

After countless years of routinely work, most people cannot imagine a life without it. Retirement, a course that can happen either by choice or by circumstance, came as an easy decision for Lee Wachtsetter.

Lee Wachtsetter or commonly called as Mama Lee has been spending the past seven years on the luxury liner named Crystal Serenity.

Image Credits:

Image Credits:

She told USA Today that she was always fond of cruises. In fact, she has been on more than 283 ships since 1962. She spends about $164,000 a year to live cruise-ship lifestyle, which includes a single-occupancy seventh deck stateroom, all her meals, and the cruise’s entertainment.

In order for her to afford this, she sold her five-bedroom Fort Lauderdale-area home after her husband died.

Before her husband died in 1997, he told her to never stop cruising because both of them have deeply rooted love for it…and so cruising she shall! She chose the luxury liner because of their dance programs. Aside from frequent cocktail parties, Mama Lee enjoys watching movies, interesting lectures, and other free daily entertainment such as ballroom dancing.

Image Credits: Gary Bembridge via Flickr

Image Credits: Gary Bembridge via Flickr

The sea life has brought Mama Lee nothing but joy but the hardest part of her retirement is being away from her three sons and seven grandchildren. Luckily, technology paved way for regular Skype and email conversations.

She has been on the Crystal Serenity since 2008, a period of time that is longer than most of the crew. The relationship she built with the crewmembers made her feel close to home. On an interview, she once said: “The crewmembers bend over backwards to keep me happy. Some are almost like family now. If they don’t have what I want, they get it. Even if they have to buy it off the ship or make it to my specific needs.”

A YouTube clip of their Christmas dance show proves that she can still shake it even at 86…

To retire on a luxury cruise is truly a dream of a lifetime. It makes you realize how to live in the moment like Mama Lee — Dancing, Cruising, and Enjoying Life.