5 must-watch movies showing in cinemas this week (from 13 July)

Movie Release July 2020

With a long wait of over three months, Singapore residents can finally step into their favourite theatres to catch a new release from 13 July (Monday). Cinemas are reopening! But of course, not without stringent measures.

A maximum of only 50 people will be allowed into the cinema halls. There will also be a 1m safe-distancing seat configuration. If you’re visiting with a group of more than five persons, you may be able to sit together. But mask-wearing will still apply – except when you’re munching on your snacks or slurping on your soda.

These are the new releases this week (from 13 July) a movie fan should not miss:

Low Season

Image Credits: GV

They say two’s a company, three’s a crowd. We’re kicking off our list of movies with a Thai horror special. There’s something about Thai horror movies that scare the hell out of us. But we go back to it because it’s strangely addictive.

This slightly over two-hour movie revolves around Lin, a girl who can see ghosts. After a breakup, she leaves the city alone to a faraway resort during the low (tourist) season. Put, a young screenwriter seeking inspiration for his horror story will join Lin on her getaway. What will unfold between the two? Will love find them or something else? Watch to find out.

The Bridge Curse

Image Credits: GV

We’re still not done with horror. Adding to the horror genre is this 1.5-hour movie in mandarin. The highlight of this movie is the spooky happenings at the ghost bridge. Rumour has it that the ghost bridge was a forbidden spot on the Tunghu University because of a girl who jumped off the bridge and drowned herself.

Determined to test out their courage, six students who were running a camp filmed a live stream on the bridge late at night. They caught the female ghost on camera and the video went viral. But… the group of students went missing soon after. Only after four years later, an investigative journalist Lien Shu-yu (played by Summer Meng, 孟耿如) starts to uncover the truth. What will she find? The spirits await her.

My Hero Academia

Image Credits: GV

Let’s give horror a break and turn our gaze to a Japanese animation. My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is an exclusive release for Golden Village cinemas. Directed by Kenji Nagasaki, it will run for about 1 hour 40 minutes.

A visit to Nabu Island got class 1-A attacked by a villain with an incomprehensible eccentricity. The villain’s powers are scarily familiar as if Shigaraki had an influence on the plan. Being the only hope on Nabu island, Deku and his friends will be the next generation of heroes. Will they get to save the day?

Escape From Pretoria

Image Credits: GV

This approximately two-hour movie is based on a true story. Tim Jenkin (played by Daniel Radcliffe) and Stephen Lee (played by Daniel Webber) are two young and white South Africans branded ‘terrorists’. They were imprisoned in 1978 for working covert operations for Nelson Mandela’s banned ANC.

Jailed in Pretoria Maximum Security Prison, this film will be their attempt to escape. Be wowed by their creativity, ultra-careful surveillance, and be impressed by their wooden-crafted keys for 10 steel doors as they make a quest for freedom. But beyond the breathtaking action, it demonstrates the oppressed’s struggle and their pursuit of equality for all.

Train to Busan - Peninsula

Image Credits: GV

As if I’m saving the best for the last, it’s the long-awaited Train to Busan: Peninsula. This is a continuation of the 2016 zombie horror movie – Train to Busan. If you have yet to watch it, I highly recommend it.

It tells the story of Jung-suk, the protagonist who escaped the zombie disaster in Korea four years ago. While living in exile in Hong Kong, he is tasked to return to Korea to bring back huge amounts of cash stranded in the streets of Seoul. The attacks by a militia and flesh-thirsty zombies will be the climax of the show to look out for.

Will they be able to leave the peninsula for good? We will only find out in cinemas from 15 July.


Travel affordably with virtual experiences from the comfort of home

Travel enthusiasts are probably suffering the effects of not being able to travel internationally at the moment. With the ongoing pandemic, no one can predict when planes can take off normally again. However, this doesn’t mean that we simply stop travelling altogether.

For those who can’t wait to get out and start seeing the world again, we’ve got you. Take a look at these virtual experiences where you can travel affordably right from the comfort of home. Sure, it won’t be the same as stepping onto an unknown land, seeing the sights, and hearing the sounds, but let’s be contented with this for now. Shall we?


We will start the ball rolling with Winchester Mystery House, a mansion located in San Jose, California. It is part of the history of Sarah Lockwood Pardee Winchester, a lady who underwent tragedy with the death of her infant daughter and husband.

The eight-room farmhouse she bought and had it renovated from 1886 to 1922 remains a mystery today. Rumour has it that the Winchester Mystery House was built because Sarah Winchester was motivated by supernatural powers and haunted by ghosts.

Curious? See for yourself through a video access tour from 8.34 SGD (5.99 USD) or tread through the grounds with their immersive 360° tour for 12.52 SGD (8.99 USD).


Not so much a fan of scary things? How about some cute and cuddly animals? What’s more, you don’t have to pay a single cent watching these animals online. It’s an instant mood lifter too!

Both San Diego Zoo and Houston Zoo have kindly provided live streams and videos of their lovely animals going about their day-to-day activities at their various habitats. Whether you’re keen on observing the majestic tigers, laze with the pandas, or join the giraffes during their feeding time, there’s something for everyone.


You can sort the list of Airbnb online experiences based on the price. We did a quick check and for less than 10 SGD, you can learn how to make Indian snacks and tea, admire the street art of Buenos Aires, or attend a piano meditation concert in Paris.

In fact, there’s so much more you can do with Airbnb’s online experiences with activities starting from 2 SGD. They are adding more to the list as more travel hosts come on board to offer their expertise. We’re sure you will find something that interests you.


Theme park fans can rejoice as you relive your favourite rides from popular theme parks. The Coaster Views on YouTube has uploaded playlists of theme park rides and we’re loving the range of what’s available for viewing.

Alternatively, you can follow Virtual Disney World for a variety of interactive 360º videos of everything related to Disney. Go on an adventure with Peter Pan’s Flight, tour the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and riding the Disney Skyliner… we’re just scratching the surface by naming some.

Best of it all, it’s free.


Visit the Google Arts & Culture website and you can access free content curated by partner cultural organizations around the world. It’s also available to download as an app on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Thanks to this online platform, we could enjoy incredible views from the top of iconic landmarks. This includes buildings such as Tokyo Tower, Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and The Eiffel Tower. Via the street view, you can also explore European heritage sites like the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy and the Palace of Versailles in France.

Your access to the world is literally within a few clicks right from the comfort of home.


10 Free Forms Of Entertainment You Can Do At Home

To minimize the further spread of COVID-19 in Singapore, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has implemented some social restrictions. This includes social distancing measures such as the closure of entertainment venues (e.g., bars or cinemas), suspension of religious services, and closure of enrichment centers. Organized tours in public venues such as sightseeing or guided walking tours will also be suspended. All these will take effect from March 26, 2020.

With the closure of various entertainment venues and other establishments, how can you efficiently pass time without spending too much? Well, you can look thru this list and employ what you fancy.


Channel your inner Marie Kondo by de-cluttering your home. Categorize your items based on its usefulness or its personal value. Find things that are important to you or your family. Keep these items as neatly as possible. For the rest of your items, you can either junk or donate them. It is cathartic to go through your belongings and to see how neat your area has become.


This is the perfect time to focus on yourself and your wellbeing. An ancient practice that has been known to relieve stress is Yoga. Search through countless free beginner Yoga classes on YouTube. I recommend starting with Blogilates or Yoga With Adriene as they have a library of videos for different levels of strength.


Speaking of libraries, you can get free audiobooks from openculture.com and audible.com. Keep yourself company with books that can help improve your skills or help drift your mind. These websites include free audiobooks for kids too!


Believe it or not, Epic Games offers two excellent PC games free of charge. I am referring to Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable. Simply add these two to your Epic Games account anytime before March 26. Creating this gaming account is also free.


Take up a new hobby or brush off the dust from your guitar by signing up for the three-month subscription of Fender. This three-month free trial allows you to learn how to play acoustics including ukulele from the comforts of your home. You can track your progress anytime using any devices. Note that although a credit card is not required, this promotion is limited to the first 100,000 sign-ups.


I manage my Cabin Fever using the best way I know how – through writing my thoughts. I am very thankful for the extra time I have on my hands as I am able to write more on my MISS PSYCHOBABBLE Psychology blog. Turn your quarantine experiences into colorful stories by establishing a blog on free websites such as blogger.com or wordpress.com.


If you need to keep your kiddos busy and stimulated, consider printing coloring pages for them. Crayola offers free coloring pages, which are categorized by season. Simply round up the coloring materials in your home and start getting creative.


Collect clothing and nonperishable items that you no longer want or need. Select items that are in good condition and store them in a donation box. You are not only giving your belongings to the people in need, but you are also cleaning up your home.


Wake up to a new perspective by taking photographs of things around your house. Do you see the pretty vase on top of your coffee table? Use your smartphone or a stand-alone camera to capture that moment. You may also peek thru the world outside of your window and take some snaps. Upload your best photographs on Instagram and cap it off with a witty caption.


Despite being at home for a period of time, you can still connect with your loved ones through online platforms such as Skype, FaceTime, and Facebook Messenger. Who are the people whom you normally do not see? Consider giving them a call now.

Image Credits: unsplash.com

Take care of your health and avoid shutting yourself from the world! 🙂

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Singapore Airlines and SilkAir to cancel hundreds of flights due to weak demand as a result of Covid-19 outbreak


Singapore Airlines and SilkAir will temporarily reduce services across their network due to weak demand as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Details of the affected flights can be found in the tables below.

They will continue to monitor the situation and make further adjustments as necessary.

Affected customers will be notified and re-accommodated onto other flights.

If you have booked your tickets through a travel agency, please contact your agent for assistance. If you have booked your tickets directly with Singapore Airlines, please contact the SIA reservations team at (+65) 6223-8888 if you need any assistance.

As they are expecting large volumes of calls, they seek your patience and understanding that their customer service agents may take longer than usual to respond to you.

Singapore Airlines and SilkAir apologise for the inconvenience caused.

First posted on 18 February 2020, 0908hrs (GMT +8)

Check them out below:


Siloso Beach transforms into a magical shore with stunning light and sound display at Sentosa

Immerse yourself in a multi-sensory experience at Siloso Beach in Sentosa

Witness a magical shore like never before, Siloso Beach has come alive with magnificent sight of light and sound displays. Starting 23 January 2020, guests can be dazzled by the interactive beach light art that spans across the 400-metre stretch of Siloso Beach.

It will commence from 7.30pm to 10.30pm daily all year round.

There will be four key acts to look out for:

1. Nocturnal Awakening:

  • Experience the “awakening” of Siloso Beach with magical movements on sand.
  • Interactive art, inspired by diverse elements ranging from water flow tomarine creatures, are projected onto the beach at two areas where they will interact with guests.

2. Islet Whispers

  • Marvel as a mysterious cloud of fog and lights emerge from over the islets, flowing over the waters and merging with the projections on the beach, amid the soothing sounds of Sentosa.

3. Force of Nature

  • Watch the trees come alive as a relaxing light and sound symphony accentuate the raw beauty of the natural landscape.
  • Lights from the islets will change colours and intensity, as they track movements on the beach and reflect off the waters

4. New Peaks

  • In a spellbinding flourish of colour, multi-coloured projections will light up the night sky.
  • New Peaks lasts three minutes, and takes place every 15 minutes.

Here’s what you can expect:

How to get there:

  1. From Sentosa Boardwalk: You can stroll in for free and enjoy free shuttles via Sentosa Express and Sentosa’s Beach Shuttles
  2. From VivoCity Level 3: Take Sentosa Express that takes you directly into Sentosa Beach Station. Selected TransitLink concession card
    holders enjoy 50% off the transport fare.
  3. SBS Transit Service 123: Take the bus and alight at Beach Station.
  4. Drive in via Sentosa Gateway for $2 after 5pm and park at Beach Station
  5. Grab ride: Visitors can use the promo code “SentosaSpring” to enjoy $5 off Grab rides. Valid until 8pm daily and limited redemptions available. Pick-up and Drop-off point must be “Beach Station”

All images and videos from Sentosa Development Corporation.