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You Can Flawlessly Survive A Long-Haul Flight

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Discovering the cultural differences while traveling the globe is a luxury that many Singaporeans are willing to pay for. While some flights pass by in a snap, other flights seem to drag on forever. I am pertaining to the intimidating long-haul flights!

Each passenger has a story to tell, but I am going to share an interesting one. My friend Rose (definitely not her real name) is a globetrotter. She had her fair share of short term and long term flights, including some of the most rough routes. Among these flights, she will not forget about her 15-hour experience to London. She was seated beside a highly anxious teen who could not stop crying. The teen felt cold and dizzy. She kept crying for almost 10 minutes. At this moment she questioned why this was happening to her. Why was she seated beside a person who is having a panic or anxiety attack? Fortunately, the situation was handled by a passenger who happens to be a licensed doctor.

Rose’s story is a rare case. Most flights are better than others as you may employ strategies to help ease your journey. Flying for a long period of time can become enjoyable with preparation and determination. Let us start with the factors that you can control such as your clothing, seat, and diet.

Given that you have to endure wearing the same outfit for more than three hours, you must be decked out in a comfortable one. Ensure that your chosen set can withstand the blast of the powerful air-conditioning system. I suggest to opt for several loose layers and closed-toed shoes.

When it comes to your eating regimen, you must shy away from alcohol and carbohydrates as much as possible. Carbohydrates holds water and makes you feel more bloated. While, alcohol is a dehydrating agent. Stick to the healthy option of fish (or chicken) and water instead. It is always a good idea to gulp a considerable amount of water before, during, and after your flight.

Lastly, it is important to realize the convenience that the contemporary era brings. Sit peacefully in your seat by reserving ahead of time. Avoid the noise created by babies and children by staying away from the front part of the plane. To reap the benefits of spacious legroom, choose the seats in the exit rows.

To prevent muscle soreness or discomfort, remember to do simple stretching exercises while sitting down. Twist your torso and look behind your shoulders every once in a while. You may also roll your head for a few times to help ease a stiff neck. Having the seat-belt sign turn off can work to your favor! Just take short walks to the lavatory area to stretch your legs and hips.

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As with every circumstances in life, you cannot always be on top of the situation. A bearable long-haul flight to others may not serve you well. What can get you through the frightening turbulence and the deafening scream is a positive mindset. Perceive a long-haul flight as a beaming opportunity to catch up on your sleep or television series. It is also the ideal time to indulge on a movie marathon or to carefully write a business plan.

I admit it! Flying for a long period of time is not always easy for the mind and the body. Still, many of the strategies that I mentioned above can help reduce the strain of flying. Follow and modify these. More importantly, realize that the flight will eventually come to a safe ending. So, stay hopeful and committed!

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