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Breaking News: Circles.Life to offer UNLIMITED Data for just $20/month

Get more than you think with unlimited data for $20 on top of your base plan

Just a day ago, Circles.Life announced that they will be discontinuing their popular  20GB for $20 Data Plus option which got many users unhappy about the move.

Well, good news.

Circles.Life has informed today (14 Feb) that they will be launching the new UNLIMITED Data Add-on for the same price! Yes, $20 for UNLIMITED Data. Now you don’t have to worry about exceeding your data usage and you can watch YouTube on the go!

Circles.Life’s mobile plans do not come with a contract so you don’t have to be tied down to any 2-years contract and make to pay hefty penalty for changing plans! What’s more, you can also get the latest phones with installment at 0% interest!

What are you waiting for?! Sign up here now.

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