6 Easy Ways to Earn A Side Income Online

In Singapore, where costs are ever running high, you may find that your current wage is direly insufficient to help you save up for that big-ticket new car or house that you have been hankering after. As such, it is unsurprising that many Singaporeans are seeking to take up side gigs outside of their day job, where they are able to earn a quick buck or two in their leisure time.

That being said, perhaps you cannot expect to earn thousands from such additional sources of income – after all, you are hardly committing to them full time. However, the benefit of such side gigs is that they do not interfere with your usual day job, and instead allows you to capitalise on your free time as well as your unique hobbies, to reap some additional side income from which you can better achieve your newest 2015 financial resolutions!

If you are an avid Internet-surfer who is out to find ways to take up a side gig of your own, here are 6 easy ways for you to earn a side income online. These 6 methods of earning additional income online are so easy that almost anyone will be capable of taking them up – no matter if you are 14, or 40! All you need is some free time to spare, a computer, and the ability to read and write English, and you are good to go!

 1. Write music reviews online

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Are you a music enthusiast? If so, you might want to consider leveraging on your passion to write some music reviews on Slicethepie in your spare time.

On Slicethepie, you are paid for every music review that you write. Slicethepie is an online music community, where new bands upload their newest singles or demos, and reviewers can provide these bands with constructive criticism based on the soundtrack’s beats, melodies, vocals or production.

Although Slicethepie may not pay out a significant amount (reviewers start off with a base rate of 2 cents per song – a little paltry, but detailed reviews tend to get awarded more), it is a good way for music lovers to spend their time constructively to help out fellow musicians and earn some spare cash in the process. Plus, you get to listen in on exclusive tracks that have yet been released into the mainstream – what’s not to love?

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2. Get rid of unwanted belongings on Carousell

If you find that your household is becoming rather cluttered with things that you no longer need, or items that have not quite come into use despite having been purchased five years ago – well, it is certainly time to let go of these preloved goods to better owners who will give them their due use instead of hoarding them in over-packed storerooms. And how should you go about finding these very ‘new owners’? The answer is simple – Carousell.

Carousell is becoming quite the household hit in Singapore, despite its recent inception in 2012. In fact, it is so popular that it seems to have garnered a permanent stay-hold on the App Store’s Top Charts. Through Carousell, buyers and sellers are brought together in an online marketplace.

If you have the time to spare, why not lay out all your unwanted items, snap a few pictures of them, and upload them onto Carousell, where potential buyers are abound? Surely, with the sheer extent of its reach – given that almost everyone has a Carousell account these days, it would be easy for you to find buyers who are willing to take over ownership of your preloved goods.

Certainly, clearing off your unwanted belongings through Carousell will allow you to earn some quick cash, and clear out your rooms for the new year!

3. Leverage on social media

Are you an Instagram addict? Or perhaps you might think of yourself as an up-and-coming blogger? Do you have relentless witty quips to share on Twitter? Or do you have a remarkable presence on Youtube?

Well, if you have a deep love for social media, and for sharing your adventures and exploits with the rest of the world, consider making use of your social media accounts to earn a quick buck. Companies are constantly looking for new faces and personalities to promote their products, and publicise their brand name. If you find that you have a sizeable number of followers on these social media platforms, you may be able to approach companies and successfully gain sponsors and paid advertisements, with which you can easily earn up to a hundred bucks or more per assignment.

Singapore has certainly made a fine art of social media influencing – just look at our top bloggers who are able to land even car sponsorship deals effortlessly! Anything and everything can be promoted on social media these days; why not hop on the bandwagon while it’s hot?

4. Carry out online surveys

Another way of spinning some quick cash would be to fill out surveys online in your spare time. Corporations are constantly looking out for consumer feedback, and searching for new ways to identify the newest consumer trends. As such, giving your opinion in the form of paid online surveys can be deeply valuable to such firms, and you will receive due payment in the form of cash or shopping vouchers – a worthy transaction indeed!

Some of such paid online survey sites would include Opinisurveys, Toluna, and Mysurvey. But these are certainly not the only available survey sites. There are numerous online survey sites out there on the net, and all you need is to draw up a quick Google search, and you’ll be well on your way!

That being said, several paid online survey ads found on the Internet may turn out to be scams, so it is duly necessary to be discerning of any survey sites that promise rewards that seem too good to be true. Also, check up on the credibility of any new online surveying sites on the Internet.

If you’ve done your sufficient homework, then certainly carrying out online surveys is a remarkably easy and lucrative way of earning some extra moolah in your free time.

5. Publish an e-book

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Do you have a flair for the written word? Do you have an undying passion for writing? Do you dream of getting published? If so, consider writing and publishing your own e-book! Given the rise in popularity of the e-book reader, e-books are gaining an ever larger audience, and surely you will be able to find a suitable audience for your very own book.

To publish an e-book, you can consider self-publication, or publication by legitimate publishing firms.

If you opt to self-publish, do bear in mind that you will have to cover all the costs of publication, and you might even potentially make a loss if your e-book fails to sell well. However, a major perk is that each sale of your e-book goes fully to you, and you have total ownership of your e-book.

On the other hand, if you seek to be published, it may prove an extended period of rejection until your manuscript lands into the hands of the right publisher who sees the potential in your work. However, it will eventually prove fruitful when your book is published, as such publishing firms often carry a more reputable brand name in the market which will help you to attain more sales for your book, and you will then be able to reap royalties from the sale of your e-book.

While the competition may be tough in the e-book industry, if you happen to land a hit, this may prove to be your fortune maker indeed!

6. Sell your handicrafts

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In an age of industrialisation, where clothing and accessories are mostly mass produced or manufactured in factories, there has certainly been a surge in demand for hand crafted items in recent years. Goods that are produced in mass are often perceived to be common and mundane, and it is little wonder that several would rather shell out more money for unique hand crafted products. If you have a ‘crafty’ side (forgive the pun), why not put your skills to good use and create some handmade baubles for sale?

Etsy is an international online marketplace which curates an eclectic mix of independent stores which specialise in the crafting of handmade items, as well as the sourcing of vintage. As such, if you would like to peddle your home made wares online, Etsy is certainly the perfect place to host your online store as shoppers on Etsy are out to specifically find exclusive and uncommon handmade crafts and you will certainly be able to land a customer or two!

Not to mention, given that Etsy is popular internationally, you will be able to reach a wider range of customers than simply homely Singapore.

However, it is worthy to note that Etsy charges a fee of $0.20 USD for each listing. If you are unwilling to pay such fees, perhaps you can turn to Carousell or Instagram – both of which are entirely free platforms, to promote and sell your goods instead.

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