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5 Creative Ways To Teach Your Child How To Count

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Educators usually begin teaching counting and basic numerical concepts to children in Kindergarten. However, you can begin to teach your child these concepts earlier on. The skills you teach your child can search as a foundation that your little one can draw upon when teachers introduce numerical concepts in Kindergarten. Moreover, counting is the foundation of money management.

Teaching children to count can be easy and fun! Use these simple strategies to develop your child’s fondness for numbers.


Sorting, the application of logical thinking, is a natural part of counting objects. Sorting, classifying, comparing, and organizing information are the pillars of complex mathematical decision-making and thinking skills.

Keep things engaging by asking your child to recognize his or her set of blocks. The process of sorting is the process of grouping objects that share the same attributes. Ask your child to arrange the blocks by shape or color. Then, count each category.


For children aged 3 to 4, you can practice counting by using common toys. Stuffed animals and stacking rings can be useful for your role-play. Let your child play with your while you are counting the objects together. Sneak the learning in playtime rather than focusing on academics. You can also teach the color names as you count these types of toys.


If your child is motivated by snacks, you can use this technique to work on his or her counting skills. Use your child’s favorite snacks and have them count how many you are giving them. You can let your child eat the snacks with every correct answer.


Use your child’s artistic side to your advantage by having your toddler place stamps on a piece of paper. State the number you want them to show and let them stamp the corresponding object. Make sure they are using their index finger to point to each stamp as they assign it a number.


Dotted cards are made with paper and colored dot stickers. You can print this template for your convenience. Children can count aloud as they place each numerical counter on the dots. Alternatively, you can count and match the number of dots on the dominoes.

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