5 cooling blankets under $55 to provide you some relief from the torturous heat

woman asleep in bed Image Credits: unsplash.com

As the summer sun brings suffocating heat, finding a way to stay cool becomes urgent.

But turning up the air conditioning 24/7 can leave your wallet feeling just as exhausted as you are in the heat.

Thankfully, there’s a budget-friendly solution that promises relief without the shocking energy bills, and it’s nothing other than cooling blankets.

Allow us to share with you a list of cooling blankets that cost less than $55.

VIPBED Cooling Blanket

VIPBED Cooling Blanket

Price: from $36.58

First up, beat the heat and enjoy cool comfort with the VIPBED Cooling Blanket.

Designed for rapid cooling, this blanket can instantly reduce your temperature by 4 to 10°F, providing soothing relief on even the hottest nights.

The unique 50% nylon, 50% polyester fabric on one side features a soft, textured cloud-like pattern that enhances the cooling effect, while the 100% nylon reverse side offers a smooth touch.

And with the convenience of machine washability, keeping this blanket fresh for your couch, bed, or sofa is just a wash away.

TOPCEE Cooling Blanket

TOPCEE Cooling Blanket

Price: from $44.43

Banish those restless, sweaty nights with the TOPCEE Cooling Blanket.

Crafted from 100% Mica Nylon, this blanket harnesses the power of arc-chill cooling fiber to quickly absorb body heat and provide a long-lasting chill.

The machine-washable fabric is easy to care for—just pop it in a laundry bag and hang it dry for a wrinkle-free, snuggly cool-down.

Available in a variety of sizes, this cooling blanket is THE companion for hot sleepers or those looking to stop waking up due to those periodic hot flashes.

PAVILIA Cooling Blanket

PAVILIA Cooling Blanket

Price: $45.95

Or consider sleeping easy with the PAVILIA Cooling Blanket, a piece that keeps you cool, comfortable, and sweat-free all night long.

Crafted from a breathable, lightweight nylon blend, this blanket uses Q-Max 0.4 cooling fibers to regulate your body temperature, so it feels like you’re sleeping under a cool fan.

The cooling properties remain intact even after multiple washes, making this machine-washable blanket a convenient and long-lasting addition to your 365-day summer bedding.

Bid farewell to restless, hot nights for good.

LUXEAR Cooling Blanket

LUXEAR Cooling Blanket

Price: $45.99

Toss and turn no more with the LUXEAR Cooling Blanket.

Crafted with Japanese arc-chill technology, this blanket uses a special fiber blend to instantly absorb your body heat, reducing skin temperature by up to 12°F.

Fully machine-washable and built to last, the LUXEAR blanket features secure stitching that won’t unravel, even after countless washes.

Stay cool and collected all night long with this temperature-regulating blanket.

Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket

Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket

Price: $50.99

Last but not least, you might want to chill out with the Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket that uses cutting-edge Japanese Q-Max 0.4 cooling fibers to rapidly absorb and dissipate body heat. 

This double-sided piece features a breathable, comfortable nylon-mica top layer and a soft, 100% cotton underside for temperature regulation.

Fully machine washable, this Amazon’s Choice blanket is a must-have for anyone seeking a cool night’s sleep or respite from the summer swelter.

Simply toss it in the wash with a laundry net bag and let it do the freshening up.

As the temperature climbs, you now have the know-how to stay cool and comfy. Each of the five cooling blankets we’ve seen above will ensure that you can find THE ONE for your summer comfort needs. Don’t let the heat defeat you—equip your home with one of these budget-friendly cooling blankets and change your sweltering nights into something cooler without the need for expensive aircon bills. Bid farewell to those torturous hot nights once and for all!

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