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4 Creative Ways To Kill Boredom At CNY Parties

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Chinese New Year 2018 is just several days away! Festivities and other family gatherings are knocking straight to our doors. While we may be accompanied by modern technology, finding meaningful activities during the idle moments is a challenge.

Let me help you kill your boredom with these ideas:


Whether you want to admit it or not, you have mental list of the things that you plan to accomplish at some point. Do not waste your time by merely waiting for red packets! Stay ahead of your plans by writing down a “to-do list”. Contemplate on the categories that you want to focus on such as grocery or household chore list.


It is hard to get bored when you are surrounded by a company of people who are lighthearted and easy-going. Aim to find positive friends in a room filled with relative strangers. Spend your time catching up with these people. Laugh it out to lift your unpleasant mood.

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Nothing is more satisfying than successfully teaching someone a new skill. Consider imparting your knowledge of chopsticks to your foreign friends. Firstly, ask them to pull each end away from each other. Rub the sticks together to ensure that there are no rough edges. Secondly, you must highlight that the movement of chopsticks should mimic the tweezers. Lastly, take things slow by picking up bigger pieces such as the Orange Chicken.


As I was flipping through my Instagram Stories, I saw that my friend won a personal claw machine. It allows her to put candies or miniture toys inside. She had a brilliant idea to use it as a children’s entertainment machine during the Chinese New Year. While purchasing your own claw machine is hefty, there are other fun games out there. You may try contemporary games such as Pie Face or Speak Out or classic games such as Monopoly and Clue.

Oh! Did you know that Hasbro is planning to release a special Monopoly Cheater’s Edition board game? Family gatherings will surely be intensely entertaining.

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If all else fails, try taking a rejuvenating nap! 🙂

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