3 best-rated art-jamming studios in Singapore to let your inner artist shine through

paint on paintbrushes Image Credits: unsplash.com

A canvas is before you, and you’ve got a palette of bright colors by your side…

What do you do?

If a room filled with creative energy excites you, then you might want to try a hand at art jamming, where strokes are made through self-expression.

It’s a good way to explore your creativity without the pressure of perfection.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best-rated art-jamming studios in Singapore where you can let your inner artist roam free and create your very own masterpiece.

Ready or not, let’s roll.

Motion Art Space


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Website: motionartspace.com

Google Rating: 5 (1160+ reviews)

First up, we have this space where you can discover your inner Picasso.

At Motion Art Space, no artistic talent is required as their motion-based technique allows anyone to create gallery-worthy masterpieces in just one hour.

Choose your package, get set up with all the necessary materials, and follow their short 5-minute intro before you start.

Then let the magic of motion guide your brush as you produce a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Collect your painting in 3 days and proudly display your new creation anywhere you wish.

Prices start at just $59 for children and $69 for adults, with various packages and add-ons available.

Motion Art Space makes everyone an artist (and quite a good one) 😉

Wildflower Studio

Website: wildflowerstudio.sg

Google Rating: 5 (450+ reviews)

Or consider Wildflower Studio, a place where cats and creativity collide.

This heartwarming haven partners with cat rescuers to nurse felines back to health and socialize them with art enthusiasts and pet lovers alike.

Choose from a ‘Semi-Guided Art Jam with Cats’, where facilitators guide your brushstrokes, or the more casual ‘Chill Out with Cats’ session to paint at your own pace and snuggle with your feline muses.

With prices starting at just $20/hour, it’s a purr-fect adventure for all ages—from kids to the kids at heart.

We promise it’s a welcoming community that celebrates both art and animal welfare.

Artify Studio


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Website: artifystudio.com

Google Rating: 5 (110+ reviews)

Last but not least, you may want to spark your creative spirit at Artify Studio, where art is an open door to everyone.

This studio is a hub that offers a judgment-free zone to unleash your inner artist.

From guided art jamming sessions starting at just $35 to unguided sessions from $25, you will find endless ways to get your paint on, exploring colors, textures, and self-expression.

Artify Studio’s welcoming community and guidance make art-making accessible to all.

So, grab your brushes and get ready to create your next masterpiece in this unrestricting space.

Art is more than just paint and canvas, it’s also about creativity and a respite from the hustle. Whether it’s a therapeutic afternoon, a chance to develop your artistic skills, or simply a time to bond with friends and family, these studios are sure to add a splash of color to your otherwise mundane life. So just pick up a brush, don’t overthink things, and let your creativity lead the way to your next masterpiece. Enjoy your session(s)!

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