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Surefire Ways To Save Money On Your Next Income Tax

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Anyone who takes part in trade and business is chargeable with tax. It is known that tax rates in Singapore are relatively lower compared to other countries in the world, making it more attractive for individuals and corporations to participate in some form of exchange in business.

Despite the relatively lower tax rates, no one entirely enjoys the act of filing for taxes! This is why you must employ creative ways to save on your next income tax. Consider these suggestions:


The Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) is part of the government’s financial strategy to help Singaporeans increase their saving as they age. It is a type of retirement savings scheme that is voluntary, where anyone who has an SRS account may contribute any amount they want, which is still subject to a cap. The maximum contribution is capped at S$15,300 in 2016, a slight increase of S$2,550 from last year’s cap.

The more you save for your retirement using the SRS, the less you pay for your income tax. That being said, two apparent benefits are seen when contributing to SRS. The first being, for every dollar contributed to your account, taxable income will be reduced by a dollar. The second being, 50% of your SRS savings will not be taxed. Additionally, you are eligible to spread your withdrawals over a 10-year period.


Fulfill your duty as a steward of goodwill and your duty as a responsible citizen by donating in accredited institutions. Several forms of donation are claimable. The following types of donations will qualify you for a double tax deduction (twice the amount of the donation):

a. Cash Donations
b. Shares Donations
c. Computer Donations
d. Artefact Donations
e. Public Art Tax Incentive Scheme
f. Land and Building Donations

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For instance, a donation to the Singapore museums that have obtained the Approved Museum Status with the National Heritage Board is tax deductible.

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If you are interested in increasing not only your retirement savings but also the retirement savings of your loved ones, you might want to consider the CPF Retirement Sum Topping-Up Scheme.

You will be entitled to a dollar-for-dollar tax relief at a maximum of S$14,000 per annum. This entails a cap of S$7,000 for the individual and another S$7,000 for the family members (T&Cs apply).

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Paying income tax can be painful to your wallet. This is why you must take advantage of the many ways to claim tax relief or rebates.

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