You can now get Bai Xiang’s Coriander Cup Noodles at 7-Eleven stores

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A Flavor Explosion for Coriander Lovers and Skeptics Alike!

The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. Bai Xiang has unveiled its latest culinary masterpiece: Coriander Cup Noodles. This public announcement is a call to all coriander fans to rejoice, as your perpetual craving for a coriander-themed product has been answered!

Dive into the zesty aroma of fresh coriander, harmoniously blended with the warm, spicy embrace of a rich beef soup base. Bai Xiang’s Coriander Cup Noodles is designed to delight hardcore coriander fans while also winning over those who are yet to fall in love with this vibrant herb.

These noodles promise an unparalleled taste experience, with every bite delivering a perfect balance of coriander’s distinctive flavor and the comforting, savory notes of the beef soup. It’s an adventure for your taste buds that you won’t want to miss.

Ready to indulge? Bai Xiang’s Coriander Cup Noodles are now available at your nearest 7-Eleven. But don’t wait too long—these are flying off the shelves! Head to 7-Eleven now and get your hands on a cup (or two) of this irresistible treat. Hurry, whilst stocks last!

Rediscover your love for coriander with Bai Xiang’s Coriander Cup Noodles—where flavor meets convenience in a perfect, aromatic harmony.

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