Win A Chance To Own All The Jack Wills Clothing That You Can Carry

The Yuletide season’s cool breeze and moderate rainfall set the perfect tune of the “Sweater Weather”.

As you search for the comfiest and coziest sweaters in Singapore, consider dropping by a Jack Wills store. Jack Wills is an iconic brand that embodies the appealing qualities of a British individual – fun and carefree. It has been serving quality quality since 1999. Its nearest homes are in Raffles City and Takashimaya.

One of the amazing contributions that Jack Wills has imparted to Singapore is its brilliant invention of the Friendsmas Day. Friendsmas Day is a joyous event that happens every third Saturday of December. The inaugural Friendsmas Day is on 17th December 2016. This means that you can celebrate the wonderful season – twice! Isn’t that amazing?

In the true spirit of sharing happiness, Jack Wills will refresh your wardrobe and treat you out on this special day. By you…I meant you and four of your friends.

Nothing beats spending the holiday with your beloved friends! Just picture a festive room filled with gifts, sweaters, cookies, wine, and friends. You will spend countless of hours on playing exciting games, exchanging thoughtful gifts, and taking great selfies. Get all these by entering Jack Wills’ #DEARJACK competition.

Let us get down to business! The winner and four guests will receive 60 seconds to collect all the products they can carry with a maximum amount of S$1,500 each. Furthermore, all of these people will receive a “Friendsmas Party” in the form of a 2-course meal and 3 drinks with a generous value of up to S$2,500. The winner will be announced by December 13.


What are you waiting for? Take part in #DEARJACK with a few clicks or taps here:

Unit B1-42/46, B1/F, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Singapore, 238873
Opening hours: 10am -9:30pm
Monday to Sunday

Unit #01-19,Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore, 179103
Opening hours: 11am –10pm
Monday to Sunday




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