Toki Choi: Everything going at $10 (Until 18 Jan 16)

Rakuten Toki

Fast fashion label Toki Choi (東京著衣) is a popular fashion brand in Taiwan. It features hundred of products with different styles – ideal for the casual to the must-haves for professional office lady.

For only 4 days until Jan 18, Toki Choi will be having a sale and most of their items from Tokyo Fashion, Mayuki and YOCO will be going at $10 each. How much cheaper can it get?

Toki Choi has a 4.65/5 rating from 170 upvotes at Rakuten, so you don’t have to worry about the quality.

Enjoy free shipping if you spend more than $29! And free limited edition red packets with every $38 spent!

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Everything is going at just $10… Toki Choi Listing For example, this feminine Cami Dress from MAYUKI is selling for just S$10! (U.P $40) Mayuki 1   With Rakuten Super Points rewards program, you get 5 X Points for every dollar spent and that is equivalent to a 5% cashback which you can use to offset your next purchase! Shop with Ebates or pay with the any of the credit cards to enjoy further rebates! Rakuten CC Starting shopping now! Shop Now

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