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Moving or renovating your home- why not let Work+Store solve your temporary storage needs?

We may come across the need to have extra space to store our personal items at different phases of our lives. As homeowners, we might be renovating our houses or simply moving to new homes. Likewise, business owners also need space to store inventory for a variety of reasons. The good news is that storage space providers such as Work+Store are providing storage units for lease at very economical rates. Let’s find out why leasing a self storage unit at


Storage Space & Logistic Mover Service from just $99/month

Affordable Moving & Storage Services! Work+Store introduces new Flexi Space storage, a one stop storage solution from movers to storage and you will only pay for the space required for your items! Enjoy the lowest rate from just $99/month storage fee. With our Flexi Space and Logistics Mover services, you can count on us to move and store your items quickly and reliably for you. This one-stop solution allows you to pay only for the space you need, alongside hassle-free


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The Financial Benefits Of Using A Coworking Space In Singapore

Singapore is primed to be the leading financial centre in the world, even getting close enough to compete with Hong Kong, New York, and London. A long-standing favourite of business, Singapore’s government policy is why the country has done so well in the last few years. Another reason the country is attractive to business is that its infrastructure makes navigating the country feasible. For businesses looking for office space, this infrastructure has made finding appropriate, affordable space easier. The coworking