An 86-Year-Old Woman Spends $164,000 A Year To Retire In A Luxury Cruise Ship

After countless years of routinely work, most people cannot imagine a life without it. Retirement, a course that can happen either by choice or by circumstance, came as an easy decision for Lee Wachtsetter. Lee Wachtsetter or commonly called as Mama Lee has been spending the past seven years on the luxury liner named Crystal Serenity. She told USA Today that she was always fond of cruises. In fact, she has been on more than 283 ships since 1962. She


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How Much Will It Cost To Live in USA, Singapore, Australia or Italy?

Cost of living is the total expense of maintaining a standard of living in a certain country. This changes over time and is often operationalized in a cost of living index. In this chart is the comparison of the cost of living of four countries namely: United States of America, Australia, Singapore, and Italy.   Clothing And Shoes Ave. (in SGD) USA SG AUS ITALY 1 Pair of Jeans (Levis) 54.95 111.92 111.35 129.67 1 Summer Dress in a Chain