4 Reputable Tattoo Studios Around Singapore, Prices Start At S$60

Are you thinking getting inked any time soon? Whether you want to tick off “tattoo” in your bucket list or want to grow your collection of body art, there is a variety of tattoo studios in Singapore. Read this list to explore your options and to know the estimated rates of these four reputable tattoo studios.


Easily accessible location
Versatile tattoo designs
Customized tattoo designs
Pain-free and safe numbing options

Searching for an easily accessible tattoo studio that is just minutes away from Orchard MRT? The search is over! Inkvasion, located at the Far East Shopping Centre, houses skilled tattoo artists that can help you achieve your desired design. The artists at this studio are proficient in a myriad of tattoo designs such as words and scripts, dot work, fine line tattoos, Polynesian tribal, Japanese art, and more. Find your ideal design by heading over to @inkvasionsg on Instagram.

Prices start from S$100. Please contact them through WhatsApp at +65 8127 5371 for a free quotation.

Website: inkvasiontattoo.com
Location: 545 Orchard Road #06-15 Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882


Aftercare products
Best known for modern and classic tattoo designs
Customized tattoo designs

Wild Paw Tattoo Co. is a laidback studio where the atmosphere is relaxing, and the staff is friendly. It is best known for its modern and classic tattoo designs. Clients can either get beautiful portraits of their beloved pets or their favorite cartoon characters. As a friendly reminder, the studio has a strict policy against bringing alcohol or drugs. Furthermore, they only accept clients aged 18 and above.

Tattoo prices can range from S$200 to S$350.

Website: wildpawtattoo.com
Location: 30A Bali Lane, Singapore 189866


Award-winning tattoo artist and founder
Customized tattoo designs
Affordable price for small tattoos

Established in 2012, tattoo artist Louis Tham founded the Lovesick Tattoo studio. Brainchild Louis Tham has been in the tattoo scene for about a decade. In fact, he has won multiple awards in Singapore and overseas for his tattooing expertise. Alongside Louise, the studio houses two professional resident artists named Liucifer Ling and Kian Tan. These talented artists have unique tattoo styles to suit the client’s preferences. For instance, you can opt for Louis who specializes in black and grey realism tattoos or Kian who fuses Japanese art with dot works.

Small designs can cost as low as S$60. While big and striking designs can cost about S$150-S$400 per hour. Rest assured that this studio completes all its inking within its sterile and safe environment.

Website: lovesicktattoostudio.com
Location: 35 Selegie Road, Parklane Shopping Mall #05-03, Singapore 188307


Team of tattoo artists
Freehand and customized designs
Colored and monochrome designs
Late closing times

Visual Orgasm Tattoo Studio has a team of tattoo artists that specialize in different tattoo styles such as freehand, cartoon, drawings, blackwork, and realism. Best of all? The artists are open to customizing designs to suit their client’s preferences. You can even bring your child’s drawings for inspiration.

Since the studio allows flexibility in choosing designs, Visual Orgasm also allows its clients to choose between colored and monochrome designs. Those who want to have vivid designs are free to book an appointment on the studio. Just ensure that you answer their forms online and consult them before getting inked. Prepare accordingly as the studio’s base price is S$150 for small and simple designs. Prices will vary for more complex designs.

Image Credits: pixabay.com

Website: visual-orgasm.com
Location: 8B Canton St, Singapore 049748

Note: With the current situation, increased social distancing requirements and other operational changes were implemented in these tattoo studios. Please contact your tattoo studio for more information.

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The Top Tattoo Parlors In Singapore

A couple of years ago, my sister came back from work embellished with an artistic surprise. She had a huge “COFFEE” tattoo emphasized with a black ink. You can just imagine the violent reaction of my conservative Asian mother. Fortunately for my sister, she eventually warmed to the idea of having tattoos. Nonetheless, it was an impulsive decision that my sister regretted later on.

Tattoos are permanent markings on the skin etched by inks and needles. Selecting a talented tattoo artist is crucial in the tattoo process. The same can be said in selecting the right design for you. Thus, you must take your time and do your research before booking an appointment.

Whether you have been itching to get a tattoo or just want to try it out, Singapore is filled with talented artists that can turn your dream into reality. You will be proud of these three tattoo parlors.

Image Credits: pixabay.com


With a feature on Channel News Asia, you can attest that Familiar Strangers is one of the leading tattoo parlors in Singapore. It is renowned for creating quality tattoos with skillful artists headed by Mr. Whopper Tan. Mr. Tan, the owner, has a good sense of humor. His mere name alone can entice you with either giggles or hunger. This is why clients are more relaxed while being serviced.

Image Credits: facebook.com/Familiar-Strangers-Tattoo-Studio-Singapore-146520875359634

Services at Familiar Strangers include Japanese Irezumi Body Suit, Word Tattoos, Old School Flash Tattoos, and more. You can even customize a design. What’s more? You can have your tattoo revamped when you are not satisfied with the initial service (i.e., free of charge within 60 days). Tattoo prices depend on the tattoo sizes and the difficulty of the designs. However, its minimum fee is around S$100.

Location: 20 Upper Circular Road, The Riverwalk #01-10, Singapore 058416
Contact: +65 9760 4147


You cannot simply win “Best in Realism” and “Best in Cover-ups” at 2009 Singapore without proving how talented you really are. That is the talent exuded by Aelvin Lim. He runs the Imagine Tattoo Studio and has been providing excellent tattoo services for more than 7 years. His specialty includes artistically recreating animal and human faces. That being said, you can get the face of your idols inked forever. Whether you want to put your BTS bias or David Beckham’s face on your skin, you can consult the tattoo artists at Imagine Tattoo Studio.

Their services include portraits, tribal art, cover art, and so on. Prices depend on the tattoo’s design, size, and color. Contact Imagine Tattoo Studio at +65 9107 9181 for more information.

Location: 3B Trengganu Street, Singapore 058457
Contact: [email protected]


Serving professional tattoo services at reasonable prices for more than a decade, Alive Tattoo Studio has become one of the most reliable tattoo parlors in Singapore. Its main draw is the UV Tattoo. Aside from that, it is strategically located at Chinatown and operates daily. How convenient is that?

Much like the two tattoo studios on this list, Alive Tattoo Studio offers a range of prices depending on the tattoo’s design and size. If you want a temporary display of artistic expression, you may consider putting an airbrush tattoo for as low as S$10! Airbrush tattoos are fast drying, waterproof, and easy to remove. These can last from 2 days to a week.

Image Credits: facebook.com/AliveTattooStudio

What I like most about Alive is that you do not have to book an appointment in advance. You may visit them anytime to get a free consultation!

Location: 211 New Bridge Road, Lucky Chinatown #B2-03, Singapore 059432
Contact: +65 6238 5747 / +65 9777 6587

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