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How To Save Money When You’re Single

Managing your finances as a single man or woman has both its advantages and disadvantages. As such, you have the freedom to choose how you intend to save or spend. On the other hand, married individuals have the safety net of a second income. The benefit of managing your money when you are single is freedom. There is no one else to check in if you want to spend your Christmas bonus on a trip to Europe. Complete freedom cannot



4 Tips You Need To Know Before Buying A Home As A Single Singaporean

According to the latest Population Trends report, single-hood rates are highest among lower-educated Singaporean men in their 30s and 40s and among higher educated women. It is clearly observable that the number of unmarried Singaporeans have been growing over the years but that does not stop one to contemplate about purchasing his or her own flat. With the hefty housing prices in the market today, can an individual with an average income really afford a huge investment single-handedly? To tell