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30% of Singapore employers intend to provide no wage increases in 2021

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A global study of pay increases has found that 30 per cent of employers in Singapore intend to provide no wage increases in 2021. Compared to other countries, Singapore has a more significant percentage. Based on research done by global consulting firm Korn Ferry recently, around 16 per cent of firms worldwide aim to bypass pay raises completely this year. Across 150 nations, the wage survey gathered data from 25,000 companies.  Korn Ferry reported that roughly 450 organisations in Singapore were


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Things To Do If You Feel Underpaid And Overworked

In 2014, a research showed that 61% of Singaporean employees felt that were underpaid and overworked compared to the existing market rates. To put that in perspective, that is about 6 out of 10 employees. As the increase of talents from all around the world rise, satisfaction of pay and loyalty to the company will be tested. Now, if you feel that you are underpaid and overworked then, here are the 3 things you shall consider doing… 1. ENHANCE YOUR