Clever Ways To Build A Sufficient Emergency Fund

Emergency fund is an account utilized to set aside funds in the event of personal financial dilemma such as unemployment or theft. It is a safety net that will cushion emergency expenses against high interest debts and bankruptcy. It is not entirely for you as you can use it to provide for your family members who are in need.

In a fast-paced nation such as Singapore, a sufficient emergency fund is worth at least 6 months of your income. Build that by following some (or all) of these savvy ways:


One of the major roadblocks to a workable emergency fund is your monthly salary. Earning below the minimum wage makes it difficult to save. Not to mention, you need to consider the CPF deductions. To leap through the hurdle by seeking a part-time job or additional sources of income.

Making extra hundreds on the side is enough to make a difference. You may work as a weekend receptionist or as an Uber driver. Use your creativity to grow your fund. You can even try pet sitting.


As the age-old saying goes: “out of sight, out of mind”.

Avoid committing much of your willpower toward deciding whether to save or to spend by automatic your finances. Some institutions allow the employer to automate your salary in a bank account that is solely for your savings. Patronizing this method will lessen the temptation of immediate spending. Be able to grow the size of your bank account that is solely for emergency fund by embracing the power of technology.


I, for one, dislike carrying a heavy wallet filled with coins. They just add a significant weight on my purse and my shoulder. Fortunately, my sister understands the value of loose change because she cultivated a coin bank. I started to contribute for my sister. We put all the unexpected cash (e.g., S$2 found in her pants) and the small change (e.g., S$0.50 from the Kopitiam) inside the jar. After 6 months of dedication, the jar is full!

Do the same thing for your prize winnings, rebates, and bonuses. You will be delighted to see your emergency fund grow as the weeks pass by.


Stop hoarding unnecessary items! Start selling these underused or unwanted items on online marketplaces instead. Gather them together and decide whether you want to toss, donate, or sell each one. Put all the cash that you will earn into your emergency fund.

If you want, you can host a garage sale this weekend!


Once you have established an emergency fund, consider keeping it under the Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB). If you maintained your emergency fund for 10 years, you will earn about 2.6% per year. SSB allows you to cash out the money without losing the accumulated interest. Qualify for SSB by opening a bank account with DBS, POSB, UOB, or OCBC. Also, you need to have an individual CDP Securities account linked to any of your bank accounts through direct crediting service.

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