4 Affordable Home Remedies For Common Sickness

Worries and troubles pertaining to the economy are driving more people to consider alternative remedies in order to avoid expensive physician consultations and prescription medicines. One option that is safe, affordable, and efficient is going au naturel! That said, here are expert-recommended natural home remedies for the common sickness: COLDS It is forecasted to rain multiple times throughout the course of the month. As this cold weather is coming in, colds become increasingly common. The main virus that causes cold


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6 Affordable Home Remedies For Common Travel Sickness

According to a survey, 6 out of 10 people fall sick overseas every year. There is a higher susceptibility to common travel sickness such as colds, sunburn, throat infection, constipation, and insect bites. You do not need to visit the doctor just yet! Be healthy after traveling with these 6 Home Remedies For Common Travel Sickness… 1. COLDS If you travelled in country at wintertime and came back immediately to sunny Singapore then, you can really catch a cold. The