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FairPrice Has 1-FOR-1 Deals And More On Fruits & Vegetables From 4 to 10 February 2022

Get your seasonal fruits and vegetables at Singapore’s trusted grocery retailer. FairPrice offers a wide range of products to choose from! Enjoy up to 50% off fresh your favourite fruits from Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and more! Head down to your nearest outlet to enjoy these great savings from 4 – 10 February. Pamper yourself and enjoy a buy 1 get 1 free promotion for Japan Fukuoka Fuyu Persimmon (2s). Perfect for gifts and a great party snack for reunions


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Be Healthy And Save More Money With These Awesome Veggies And Fruits Hacks

Aside from growing your greens at the community garden, use these hacks to get more nutrition and more value for your dollar… 1. COOK OR EAT BROCCOLI FIRST Since broccoli is one of the most perishable veggies, you can save more money by eating it first. In fact, by the time you reach home, it has lost 80% of its nutritional value. This is why you must buy broccoli by heads, keep it in the perforated plastic bag (i.e., available