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What You Need to Know about Freezing Eggs in Singapore

Regardless of their marital status, women in Singapore will soon be allowed to freeze their eggs for non-medical purposes. Egg freezing is a method used to save a woman’s ability to get pregnant in the future. Eggs harvested from the ovaries are frozen and stored for later use. The introduction of the Assisted Reproduction Services Regulations under the Healthcare Services Act will allow women (i.e., aged 21 to 35) to undergo elective egg freezing by 2023. Only legally married couples


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Experts in the field answer 4 questions men have regarding sperm health

sperm health

Sperm health is not a common topic widely discussed among people, especially so for more conservative communities. But still, it’s an essential topic for men who take this seriously. Do you know that the average sperm count for men has been on a worldwide downward trend based on the statistics from the World Health Organization? According to Dr Ronny Tan, a consultant urologist and andrologist with Advanced Urology Associates, the criteria for normalcy is a sperm count of 15 million/millilitre.