Singapore Airlines Batik NanoTech Anti-Viral Mask Now Available On KrisShop For S$19

Designed exclusively for the Batik Label by KrisShop, the Vi-Mask NanoTech Anti-Viral Mask features the unique Singapore Airlines batik motif. Inspired by flowers native to Singapore, this elegant batik motif is a representation of the heritage and grace of the world class airline. Vi-Mask is a NanoTech Anti-Viral Mask that provides resistance and high filtering performance against bacteria and viruses. Innovatively designed with sustainable materials, made with comfort and superior fit in mind, and created to enhance your air travel


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Surefire Ways To Convince Your Kid To Wear A Face Mask

Wearing a mask on a regular basis is unheard-of in the yesteryears. Helping your child understand why he or she needs to wear a mask is essential to reduce the discomfort, fear, or worry. Consider these efficient tips to convince your child to wear a face mask. #1: HELP YOUR CHILD UNDERSTAND Get your point across through age-appropriate explanations. Pre-schoolers learn through play. Allow your child to role-play by putting a mask on their stuffed animal or doll. You may


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Should You Wear Face Shields In Singapore?

Should You Wear Face Shields In Singapore? According to the Ministry of Health’s guidelines, plastic face shield offers adequate basic protection and can be worn if you need to go out of your home during this period. For the general public who need to go out of their homes during this period, any mask including reusable masks, DIY masks or plastic face shields, offer adequate basic protection. Face shields have a number of advantages over masks. It can be more comfortable to