NETS Motoring Card is here for driver’s every need

We all know that the NETS Motoring Card is convenient and has made our lives easier — no more switching cards between car parks and ERP gantry gates, instant top-up on the go via NETS FlashPay Reader App, and more. It’s the card you need when the future ERP system is in place. But if you’re still not on board, here’s how you can try it out when you’re at your nearest gas station or when buying your next car insurance! 1. Wipe the grime at SPC


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What On Earth Is ERP?

As far as the majority is concerned, ERP is something that you must avoid during peak hours. Many Singaporeans plan their routes beforehand in order to drive away from the relatively costly charges. But, have you ever wondered why ERP exists? ERP or Electronic Road Pricing emerged as a means to control the traffic conditions. Managing the congestion is a must as there is a limit to the number of roads that one can build in Singapore. I have a