Simple tips to curb emotional eating

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You’ve probably been there before: you’re feeling down, so you eat something to make yourself feel better. But what if there were other ways to cope with your emotions? It’s not effortless to avoid emotional eating, but with a few manageable tips, you can at least make it a little bit easier. Why do we emotional-eat You might emotional-eat because you’re feeling sad, bored, angry, or stressed. Or maybe you’re just looking for a way to comfort yourself. Emotional eating


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Prevent Emotional Eating Without Costly Therapy Expenses

1. IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM Reflect and identify the trigger that caused your ill feelings and work out an immediate solution. For example, if your kid is doing poorly in school, make an appointment with his/her teacher so both of you can improve the situation afterwards. 2. GO OUT AND EXERCISE Run outdoors and feel the glimmer of the sun to feel better. Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day (5 times/week) can reduce the symptoms of depression. While, sunlight