Everything You Need To Know About Daiso

Most of us have shopped in Yano Shoten without even knowing. You read right! Daiso, our go-to budget store, was once called Yano Shoten. It was named after its founder – Mr. Hirotake Yano.


From humble beginnings to a myriad of setbacks, Hirotake Yano’s path to success is not a straightforward route. He and his wife survived the economic downturn of the past decade and become one of Japan’s inspiring stories.

He has failed many times in past and thought that nothing he will ever try would succeed. He said: “During the inflation era, I thought many times about quitting. It seemed absurd to sell things at a fixed price. I kept going because I thought there was nothing else I could do.”

His willingness to move forward led him to multiple jobs and a chance encounter with a mobile merchandiser. He started working for him. Years later, he established his own store called Yano Shoten where goods were displayed on a wooden stand.

In 1977, he changed the company’s name to the brand we know and love – the Daiso Industries. Daiso introduced the universal price of ¥100. Why would he sell everything for ¥100? Well, he simply does not want to tag a number of products with different prices! Tagging was a time consuming task for him and his wife. Thanks to his effort to save time, we were able to save our money!

Daiso, which translates to “big warehouse, is far from ordinary. The company Yano founded has no business plan, no budget, and no quarterly results. Through it all, Yano believes that he is just an ordinary man.


In Singapore, everything Daiso sells go for two dollars. Whether you are purchasing a bag of chips or a bulk of cotton buds, you can expect to pay the same price. This enables the shoppers to anticipate their total costs. Furthermore, your eyes will be spoiled with choices!

On the other hand, our neighboring country Malaysia has to pay RM5.90 (about S$1.93) per item. Imagine if the exchange rate is in our favor! This means that we can get cheaper Daiso items in Malaysia instead.


Daiso has a wealth of outlets scattered throughout the globe and a wealth of goods scattered throughout the aisles. With over 100,000 goods offered, you can expect that a good portion comes from overseas. Although majority of the goods are made from Japan, approximately forty percent of goods are outsourced.

To save the cost of production, can you guess where most of the items come from? You are right! Many of which hail from China.


Did you know that not every Daiso product is priced the same? Lucky for us, anything we pick up inside a Daiso costs S$2. However, overseas outlets experience dynamic pricing.

For instance, majority of the products in Daiso Australia are set at a standard price of AU$2.80. While, other items cost more. The same goes for Daiso Philippines. Consumers get to enjoy products from PHP88 and up.

Use the steady price of two dollars to your advantage by tracking the amount of items you fling inside your basket!


Mr. Yano attributes his success to his ability to source out a variety of products. From quality essentials to quirky must-haves, everything sells for S$2! Moreover, people’s desire for deals remains to be the driving force of Daiso.

Image Credits: Flickr Creative Commons via Kai Hendry

Let me close this article with a nugget of wisdom from the man himself.

“Business is like climbing a mountain. The lesson of climbing a mountain is that there are always struggles and hard times. When you reach the top you get a sense of gratitude towards the mountain.”

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4 Money Saving Websites That Work

One of Singapore’s favorite pastime is shopping. Since Chinese New Year is coming up, you may wonder where is the best place to get some cheap deals online.

Wonder no more! There are numerous websites that offer deals and discounts, but some of them are hard to navigate. Be aware of the websites that require subscription because you will receive tempting deals regularly. The good news is that…you can always unsubscribe and still use the site perfectly.

Also, some pop-ups that say “check discount code here before you shop” may not always be as rewarding as it seems. With that in mind, here are 4 Money Saving Websites That Work.


Topping our list is the ever-so-famous Groupon. Groupon makes women go gaga over their outrageously discounted luxury goods, bags, watches, beauty products, lifestyle services, and getaway deals. You can conveniently pay through for Debit/ Credit Card, Paypal or American Express.

Image Credits: Groupon via Flickr

Image Credits: Groupon via Flickr


Save up to 58% on your travel expenses though Home Exchange. It is a popular website where people rent out their own home and find a place to stay while they travel. You will get to choose from about 60,000 members in over 150 countries around the world. With this system, you will get a local feel and get to be toured to places that you will have never visited if you travelled by tour packages.


Similar to Groupon, Deal.Com.Sg by Ensogo lets you select from a wide variety of food or buffet packages, cheap hotel accommodations, travel packages, and amusement deals (e.g. Universal Studios Singapore). Also, you can conveniently pay through for Debit/ Credit Card, Paypal or American Express.

To ensure customer satisfaction and superior shopping experience, Ensogo handpick their offerings by working with highly reputable merchants and brands.


Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter offer doors to access special deals by letting you follow the companies you wish to buy from. For instance, to get special deals on air fare and gadgets, follow Amazon.com or Virgin America on Twitter.

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Image Credits: Garrett Heath via Flickr

Image Credits: Garrett Heath via Flickr