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3 Car Accessories Worth Spending On

1. DASHBOARD CAMERAS UNIQUE SELLING POINT: A dashboard camera has the ability to record any unforeseen events. PRODUCT PRICE RANGE: Quality dashboard cameras can cost you hundreds of dollars. However, the cheapest one I saw was S$10 in Lazada. The dashboard camera, better known as dash cam, is an on-board camera that continuously records the view of the vehicle’s exterior or interior. It can be attached in many spots including on the dashboard or on the windshield. Due to its


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Buying and maintaining a car in Singapore is very expensive. In addition to fuel, road tax and insurance, cars require regular servicing and maintenance to function smoothly and avoid breaking down, which will lead to hefty repair bills. Even with a new car, preventive maintenance is necessary to keep the vehicle at tip-top condition. Car Servicing One-Stop Portal Fortunately,, Singapore’s first car-servicing portal, seamlessly connects both drivers and car workshops from all across the island. If you are looking