Starting A New Family? Here’s 4 Tips


It’s not easy starting a new family. While you might be busy dreaming about the warm and fuzzy moments you’re going to have in the future with your spouse and your children, there are some pressing financial issues you would need to face right now. How are you going to use your money wisely on a daily basis? How are you going to safeguard your family future? Don’t fret, we’ve brought to you a few tips, so you can better manage your family finances

Keep Your New Expenses In Mind

Maybe you’ve thought of getting that new TV you’ve been eyeing for a while. Maybe you’ve saved just the amount of money needed to get that massage chair that’s always been at the back of your head. Well, did you take into account all the new expenses you’re going to have to pay for, now that you’re starting a family?

You’re no longer just earning for two, you’re going to have to provide for three, or more (if you struck the twins or triplets lottery). There’s plenty of child related expenses you’re going to have to take note of, such as baby food, diapers and immunisations. It’s best if you lay out all the expenses you would need to care for your baby, so you know for sure what you’re getting into, and to allow you to better budget for the future.

Set Up A Savings Plan

If you hadn’t already done so, you should set up a savings plan so you can better provide for your child’s future. Savings plans are more easily set up compared to investments or bonds. The basic idea is a simple automatic, monthly deduction of funds which will go into a special account, which can only be accessed once your child reaches a certain age. It might be hard to consistently set aside money on your accord, which is why a savings plan would be great as you don’t even have to think about it once you set it up. The “pain” of having less income per month isn’t felt so strongly this way.

Get Life Insurance and Medical Insurance

You always need to be prepared for the unexpected. Insurance acts as a safety net, so you and your family can be protected should anything happen to any one of you. Medical insurance is important as there are many medical issues which your child or any family might face which would require a hefty bill. The presence of a medical insurance plan would help you cover these expenses should the need arise.

Although many modern families are dual-income families, this does not mean the early demise of you or your spouse would not result in a heavy financial burden on your family. Life insurance helps your family deal with the financial needs that would be definitely be harder to attend to with the absence of you or your spouse.

Teach Your Child Good Financial Habits

Financial habits are ingrained from a young age, so make sure your child adopts the right habits that will put him in good stead for a financially stable future. Managing family finances is a team effort which involves every single member of the family, including your children. Little things such as not buying toys they don’t need, turning off the lights, and putting aside a small sum of money each day help your family make better use of your finances.

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