Starbucks Singapore launches new mid-autumn merchandise including a cup with a ‘hidden’ bunny

Starbucks Singapore has released new mid-autumn merchandise

Get your hands on these moon rabbit merchandise at Starbucks Singapore. Launches on 14 Aug, the bunny-themed drinkware will be available at selected Starbucks stores from S$24.90.

Check them out below:

Little Bunny

$26.90 (12oz)

Wonderland (only available at selected stores)

$32.90 (left, 12oz)

$42.90 (right, 6oz)


$24.90 (12oz)

Full Moon

$44.90 (left, 16oz) Only available at selected stores

$39.90 (middle, 12oz)

$25.90 (right, 16oz) Only available at selected stores


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