Smart strategies to ease your child back to school after their week-long September holidays

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It’s mid-week already and that means the September school holidays are coming to an end and your kids have to go back to school soon.

Are you having a headache worrying about how your little ones can wake up early again and sit still in class?

After a fun-filled week of sleeping in, playing games, and watching cartoons, going back to school can be a rude awakening for any child. But no fear as we’ve got some tips to help ease your kid back into the school routine, minus the drama.

The importance of routine

To get the kiddos back into their school routine after a week of “all hell broke loose,” stick to their usual weekend schedules. Don’t let them stay up late and sleep in, or else you will surely kena war on Monday morning. More on that at the end of the article 😉

Another tip is to plan some activities over the weekend to keep them occupied. If you’ve been letting your kids just binge-watch shows and play games all day long, it’s time to arrange some meetups with school friends, do a craft project together, cook a meal as a family, or maybe play sports together. Keeping their minds and bodies active will make school feel normal again.

Also, it’s good to be positive about going back to school. Kids often take cues from their parents, so if you’re dreading the end of the holidays, they will too. Talk about seeing friends again, learning new things, and getting back into the swing of things. Your good attitude will rub off on them!

Creating a post-holiday plan

Come up with a structured plan for the first week back (this can be tweaked from their usual schedule). Cover homework time, after-school programs (if any), and rest time in the schedule. Let them know what to expect so they feel more at ease.

Keep bedtimes and wake-up times consistent. Enforce the usual school day routine so their body clock can adjust back. If they’ve been staying up late and sleeping in during the holidays, start shifting their schedule back a few days before school reopens. The earlier you start, the better it is.

Give them something to look forward to. Promise a small reward like playing at the playground or watching their favorite shows if they go through the first day back without issues. This little motivation can help make the transition less daunting.

Organize school supplies
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Go through your child’s school supplies (pencil case etc.) and make sure everything is in place. Having a well-stocked backpack will give your child confidence on the first day back.

You should also check if your child’s timetable or subject needs have changed. Some teachers may want students to bring additional stuff for the new term. Buy any necessary items ahead of school reopening so your child feels fully prepared.

Helping your child get into the habit of packing their bag the weekend before will make the transition less rushed. Make sure they have everything needed, like homework, workbooks, or stationery. Establishing good organizational skills from a young age will benefit them for life!

Help them get enough rest during the weekend before the first day back
  • Give them extra sleep

Allow your kids to sleep early this weekend before school starts. Having extra rest will energize them for the first day back and the rest of the week.

For primary school-going kids, aim for at least 10 hours of sleep per night. For teens, encourage them to go to bed by 10 pm so they can get 8 to 9 hours of shut-eye. The more ZZZs they get, the less cranky they will be on Monday morning.

  • Limit screen time and stimulation

In the evenings before school starts, reduce screen time, loud music, and rough play. Having a relaxing pre-sleep routine like taking a warm shower or reading a book will calm their minds and make it easier to hit the sack.

With some prep and planning, getting the kiddos back to school after their week-long break doesn’t have to be so painful. Start adjusting their body clocks a few days before and plan some fun back-to-school activities to hype them up. But be realistic, yeah; the first back-to-school day or two will still be rough, but if you’ve eased them back in small steps, things will be back to normal sooner or later. Jiayou, mummies and daddies!

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