How Much Are Your Mistakes Worth in Singapore? #FineCity

Singapore has been dubbed globally as a “Fine City”. The common penalties range from S$200 to S$1,000. Some laws are famous for its outrageous nature such as banning of chewing gums or durians (in public transportation). The strict policies may urge you to be hesitant in your actions but it will surely train your discipline and accountability. 1. NO PIRATED GOODS Much like most of the countries, Singapore has a strict policy for Pirated Goods (e.g., CDs or DVDs) and


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5 Affordable Hotels for Valentine’s Day

As January draws nearer to a close, this marks the beginning of a new season – the season of love! For the less imaginative soul, February may just be yet another arduous month to get through. But for the romantics out there, February bears so much promise of new beginnings, whimsicalities, and yes, you guessed it – Valentine’s Day! Indeed, staycations are the latest trend in town for couples. In fact, they’re so commonplace these days that every month or so


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Sberbank Offers A Free Cat For Every Mortgage

How do you increase the likelihood of repeating a behavior? Well, Psychology and Operant Conditioning suggests that you must reward them. Something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change one’s behavior. Luckily, one Russian bank got the memo. To make their clients feel interested and entertained, one of the largest Russian Bank called Sberbank offers a free cat with every client mortgage loan. It is also believed to boost the mortgage sales. The bank’s special website will


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How to save money with cheap hotels booking


Travelling surely is one of our biggest pleasures in life. Seeing new exotic places, tasting delicious food and meeting other cultures are truly important and enriching experiences in one’s life. No matter what style of style or accommodation one chooses – it is a wonderful feeling when one’s travel dreams become actual plans and will be fulfilled. In order not to experience big disappointments and financial disasters, it is advisable to do extensive research before the booking. Seeing your travel


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Couples, Who Should Pay The Bill On A Date?

The unspoken sentiment of “Who should pay the bill?” has been a hot debate over the years. Its answer however, changes over time. The arrival of professional women in the workforce was delayed in most countries due to being denied to universities. For instance, Cambridge University only fully embraced women students during the late 1947. Across time there was an increase of women laborers in factories (e.g., textile or machinery). The 20th century solidified women and their rights in the