McDonald’s to launch the all-new Seoul Spicy Korean Burgers and Kimchi Shaker Fries from 9 Mar

This March, McDonald’s Singapore is set to excite Korean food fans and customers with the next hot Korean stars, featuring: the Seoul Spicy Chicken and Seoul Spicy Beef burger. Inspired by the distinctive Korean cuisine, the burgers are characterised by McDonald’s unique spicy Korean sauce made with signature ingredients used in Korean delicacies.

The spicy Korean sauce packs a punch of flavour with ingredients such as fermented soy bean paste, sesame paste, soy sauce, chilli peppers, red paprika and garlic. The Seoul Spicy burgers come with a choice of a grilled 100% beef patty or a tender and juicy chicken patty, each glazed with this mouthwatering spicy Korean sauce. Laid atop a bed of romaine lettuce, each patty is then layered with crisp mixed vegetables with creamy slaw. The delicious combination is then served between a soft bun featuring black pepper and white sesame toppings.

Seoul 2

Complete your Korean experience by ordering the Seoul Spicy Special from $8.40, which includes your choice of Seoul Spicy Chicken or Beef burger, with a side of Kimchi Shaker Fries (L) and a Peach McFizz™ to cool off the heat. You can also enjoy it ala carte from $5.95. End off your meal on a sweet note with the Melon McFlurry® with Coconut Jelly from $2.90. The brand new offerings are available after breakfast hours in all restaurants and via McDelivery® from 9 March 2017, while stocks last.

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